Clare Feeney 

Clare Feeney is a consultant, author and speaker on business, economics and the environment.

It's no coincidence that "environment and business" is the name of the consulting collective that Clare and three colleagues founded in the mid-1990s.

Clare is a speaker on business, economics and the environment and how a focus on environmental matters can transform any business into a learning - and more profitable - organisation.

Many years of experience with resource efficiency and waste minimization for manufacturers and environmental controls on big earthworks sites have convinced her that environmental innovation leads to increased levels of productivity, staff and customer satisfaction, smarter and more cost-effective supply chains - and higher profits. The recession has proved it: many companies trimmed their costs in the face of lower sales, and found their profit margins had increased.

Through her speaking and writing, Clare is now taking this message out to a wider community.

She has a fund of hilarious anecdotes to illustrate practical points that will add value to the bottom line of any organization. Collected over many years, they come from a varied career path that took her from researching and lecturing in universities in Australia and New Zealand to regional environmental management agencies and from there to consulting to the government, not-for-profit and business sectors.

Her natural aptitude for education and training made her the speaker of choice throughout her public service career, with the result that she has addressed many business and community groups over a period of more than 20 years.

Clare has won speaking awards at two of New Zealand's foremost technical conferences, including best presented paper at the Waste Management Institute Conference and at the Water and Wastes Association (now Water New Zealand) conference - this latter, for a presentation on environmental training, being the first time in it's then 45-year history that the Association had ever given such an award for a non-technical paper.

She is consistently invited back as a speaker at the University of Auckland Planning School, where she has developed an inspirational address for students at post- and under-graduate levels that helps them understand the wider economic, social, cultural and environmental dimensions of the work they will do.


"Clare, I loved your presentation! Your statistics blew me away and your stories were poignant, original and heartfelt without blaming me for environmental pollution! I looked around the room while you were speaking and the audience were riveted to you. I feel privileged to have met you Clare, because I feel you're passionate about your subject, you give high-value information and you're approachable at the same time." - Linda McDermott, speaker, voice actor, coach.

"You bring a fresh perspective to the most critical issues of our time and people commented on much they appreciated these insightful and inspiring presentations on concerns often portrayed as intractable and depressing. You turn complex ideas into subject matter they can relate to and provide them with concrete suggestions on the roles and actions they might take as professionals and individuals to make their communities more sustainable, flourishing places. All this you achieve with such wit and vitality!" - Elizabeth Aitken-Rose, Auckland University Planning Department

"You presented some very well-developed thoughts on environmental performance and business success which went down extremely well with contractors, who are a tough-minded audience." Derrick Adams, CEO, HEB Construction Ltd.

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To find out more about Clare, visit www.clarefeeney.com.


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