Cherri Holland 

Cherri Holland has twenty years of successfully working with organizations.

From positions in large corporates to consulting projects working with executive teams within icon companies, from every sector, and in 6 countries. She has a particular interest in organisation development and coaching leaders so they know how to get the best out of the people they manage; the communication skills needed to facilitate on-the-job development, and the ability to build the organisation’s capability through effective performance management.
Cherri has a BA (Ind Psych) from the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa.


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Mergers & Acquisitions - Wins and Losses
M&A failure rates are as high as 80%, with evidence indicating that a significant contributing factor is neglect of the human element across the whole range of business relationships. “M&A is still regarded by many decision makers as an exclusiv...
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Performance Reviews - yay!
Learning from the past is one thing that distinguishes people from rats. No, wait; rats learn from the past. Perhaps it's: conscious reflection to extract the lessons from the past, to avoid repeating mistakes and get more, sooner. No, wait; some ...
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A No-Brainer
Could your workplace be killing you? Are you destroying your brain and don't realise it? Some interesting (life threatening) findings are converging in one place: the workplace. This is disturbing given the frequency with which I hear about stress...
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People Issues Hassling Managers
I held a people management workshop recently, and got some exciting emails from people as a result. It's great when people see the potential for improvement in themselves and others and I am reminded how unnecessary it is for people to struggle wi...
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Change The People You Have Into The People You Want by Cherri Holland
Can you really change people? There are those who say: “You can't change people.”
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