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Author of "Show Stress Who's Boss" Carole is a leading authority on workplace stress, sought after BBC guest-Broadcaster and motivational speaker. She shows managers and staff how to maintain their competitive advantage by achieving a healthy work life balance.

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How a Good Office Layout Can Relieve Pressure
In trying to identify the workplace pressures that cause stress, we often overlook the obvious one that is staring us in the face, all day and everyday - office layout and design.
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Reading Reduces Stress
Every day I have so much reading to do – it might be emails, newspapers, magazines or blogs. It’s almost as if I’ve got to the stage of forgetting what it’s like to read for pleasure. I used to read novels regularly but, these days, having so many...
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Stress Management ‘Helps the Heart’
An American study of patients with cardiac problems appears to show a significant improvement when stress-management training forms part of their treatment.
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Getting Hands On in Tackling Your Debt Pile
If you have sizeable debts, it is likely you will be experiencing stress and anxiety over your financial affairs. Those who struggle with debt are often embarrassed to find themselves in the situation and tend to become secretive, which can lead t...
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When Showing Up is a Drag on Productivity
Woody Allen, the actor, comedian and playwright and whose career spans more than 50 years, once said that 80 per cent of success in life can be attributed to simply “showing up”. However, a growing body of research indicates this estimate may be s...
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