Bruce Turkel 

Bruce is the CEO of Turkel Brands, the company that exists to make their clients' brands more valuable.

Bruce has worked with Bacardi, Discovery, Philips, MetCare, and Miami.

He's spoken at MIT, Harvard, and hundreds of conferences, been on NPR and CNN and is often on FOX Business. He's been featured in Fast Company, The New York Times and Communications Arts. He's published three books on branding including Building Brand Value.

In his spare time Bruce trains for marathons and fronts the R&B band Blackstar.


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Articles by Bruce Turkel

Change Before You Are Forced To Change
To understand the need for change, let’s review the history of the advertising industry.
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Charge More Money; Get More Business
In the retail world, price only stands for the price of a product. But in the marketing world price stands for so much more. Because once your brand is established and your customer is interested in purchasing your product or service then price ha...
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Unintended Consequences
In my neighborhood — and probably yours too — there are new signs springing up everywhere. They feature a man bending over behind a dog under these words: “Pet waste transmits disease. Bag waste and clean up after your dog.” Apparently there’s an ...
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Three Questions Every Professional Needs to Ask
As service professionals we all do the same thing.
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The Value of Branding
While I try to maintain this discussion on the powerful value of branding, some days I simply don’t have anything to write about. It doesn’t happen often, mind you. But now that I’ve religiously posted at least one blog post every week since 2007 ...
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