Bill James 

Bill James raced from the humble beginnings of selling door to door to becoming a national sales manager within the finance and insurance industries.

He is passionate about helping sales professionals achieve so much more than they thought they could and specializes in showing you how to create dynamic new business solutions for huge sales profits.
His referral strategies are ingenious, simple and innovative and his networking techniques effective and friendly. Best of all, they are so simple to use that you can apply them tomorrow for immediate results!
It is not unusual for people using his techniques to increase their results by hundreds of percent!


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Why Is B2B Networking For Business Leads A Matter Of Life And Death?
Just about everyone I talk too thinks networking is a great idea - but very few can actually tell me why. They just feel it is something they should do.
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Why Do You Keep Your Lead Generation Marketing A Secret?
A lot of businesses and sales professionals would like to make referrals a major part of their lead generation strategy but all too often sabotage their own b2b and other sales lead generation efforts.
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The Best Way To Fail At Referrals
There are many theories about why so many people do not ask for referrals but when all is said and done there are only two reasons - people either do not know how (which is all about knowing the right techniques) or they simply don't want to (wh...
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How Most People Kill Their Lead Generation Marketing Stone Dead!
To earn the trust and respect needed to gain free sales leads through referrals requires time, effort and patience.
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When You Ask For A Referral Are You A Wimp?
The common way is to ask for help.
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