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Barry Urquhart, MD Marketing Focus, Perth, is the author of Australia's top two selling books on customer service and is an internationally recognised authority on consumer behaviour and creative visual marketing.

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Non-Negotiable Reality
Digital products, services and the concept itself are like the internet and social media. They represent, and are an inherent part of the future. When understood, supported astutely, applied and complemented with existing networks, capabilities an...
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The Customers' Journey
An evolving and new awakening.
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Culture, Confidence and Commerce
Business is transacted, grown, optimised and sustained when the corporate culture is positive, the focus is on customer-oriented outcomes, confidence pervades the team and pride is felt for the entity, its people, products, services and application.
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Don't Promise, – Deliver
Delivering the promise is no longer good enough.
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Small Business – A Big Deal
Small businesses are on the move.
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