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Arina is a Marketing Manager for actiTIME, software helping thousands of companies track time and manage projects efficiently. She is passionate about providing tips and practical advice on digital marketing, productivity and time management.

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Organizing a Productive Work Environment with Absence Management Tools
Careful absence management is essential for a healthy work environment: it improves employees’ discipline, fights absenteeism and increases productivity. Here’s a list of special tools that help automate this process.
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Free Timesheet Software Tools: Smart, Simple and Accurate
Looking for free timesheet software for keeping track of your time and billing your clients? Check out our collection of absolutely free tools for small companies, startups and freelancers.
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How to measure the workplace productivity?
Measuring and improving workplace productivity has been one of the biggest concerns for managers since the beginning of the twentieth century. The famous “If you can measure it, you can manage it” cliché suggests that quantitative indexes are enou...
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Productivity Tools That Are Worth Adopting
How to stop being distracted and optimize your time at work? Take a look at this list of productivity tools that will help you organize yourself – or at least you’ll have fun playing with these nice apps.
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