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Ann Andrews CSP specialises in working with high performing teams and showing managers how to deal with poor performance.

Ann Andrews is an international speaker; human resources consultant; team facilitator and author of four books and contributor to five others.

An ex work study engineer and initiator of self-managed teams in a manufacturing organisation, Ann is now an international speaker; HR consultant; team facilitator; author and the creator of The Corporate Toolbox.

She has written four books and contributed to five others. One of her books Did I Really Employ You? is being translated into Arabic and Russian.

Ann is a past National President of NSANZ (National Speakers' Association of NZ) and a CSP (Certified Professional Speaker) one of only 120 women in the world who have achieved this standard of accreditation.

During her career in Personnel and Human Resources, Ann became involved in setting up self-managing teams.  Once she saw the results that working this way could achieve, Ann became totally committed to working with teams. For the past 20+ years, Ann has worked as an independent consultant through her business, Teams From Woe To Go to some of the largest organizations in New Zealand, showing them how to set up high-performing teams and helping them achieve results they had only dared dream of.

Ann is a CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), one of only five in New Zealand.  She is a regular speaker at national and international conferences, where she brings a humorous, interactive and thought provoking approach to the challenges of what she calls getting out of parent/child behaviours and into adult/adult work practices.

Just some of Ann's credentials:

  • A Past National President of the National Speakers' Association of New Zealand
  • First woman in New Zealand to be awarded APS (Accredited Professional Speaker) 2000
  • Speaker of the Year NSANZ 2000 - the first person in NSA to receive the award
  • Nominated for Business Woman of the Year by Her Business 2002
  • Nominated for The International Ambassador's Award for NSANZ 2002 - only one person per country is nominated
  • In 2003 gained CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) accreditation  
  • Unanimously voted Best Paper at the 10th National Organisational Development Conference, Auckland, 2003

Ann is also the founder of The Corporate Tool-box™ and writes regularly for several magazines in New Zealand.


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