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Andrew O'Keeffe is a Human Resources Executive. He has observed bosses for many years, has worked for bosses and has been a boss. As a result of these studies he has written one of the very best leadership books ever, called 'The Boss'and recently released 'Hardwired Humans'.

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Making Sense of the Matrix
When we point to a common workplace frustration we are probably pointing to a behaviour explained by human instincts. In organisations that have a matrix reporting structure, people generally experience frustration with the system. Human instincts...
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Hard Wired Humans and Maasai Leadership
The Maasai culture in East Africa has endured for centuries. What are the key elements of their approach to leadership and what can workplace leaders learn from their approach?
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Hardwired Humans: Motivated By Loss
About a month ago, Sydney hosted the grand final of the National Rugby League. At half time in a close game, the North Queensland Cowboys were down 12-14 to the Brisbane Broncos. As the teams ran back onto the field after half-time, I said to Jude...
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Hardwired Humans...Us and Them
Hardwired Humans...Us and Them
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Hardwired Humans are ...Individual Beings
Humans are one of the few species that appear to have a sense of individual being. Chimps also seem to have this sense, but gorillas don’t.
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