Andrew Baird 

Andrew Baird started in business when he was made redundant. Sadly he wasn't an overnight success. In fact in his second year he almost went broke. But he didn't and fortunately, he kept going.

Researching and learning from his millionaire mentors taught him how to run a successful business (and have a life at the same time). The next step was to help other business owners do what he had done.

Using strategic coaching he helps business owners from around the world grow their businesses while working less hard and less hours.

Having a business that serves you as well as your customers lets you spend more time doing the things you love.

Andrew speaks in Australia and New Zealand and enjoys working with people in large groups and one on one.

He spends his spare time with his family and enjoying the great outdoors, rock climbing & snowboarding.



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Speaking on stage yesterday I was challenged by an attendee about whether email marketing still works:
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Monumental Screw Up
Yesterday I heard a great story about a very popular networking event where the speakers shared their biggest screw ups in business, what they learned from it and what they changed because of it.
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6 Things to Grow Your Business Today
I often get asked how someone should grow their business, so here are six of the fastest and best ways to do it:
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