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Alan Stevens Alan is Director of MediaCoach and has been both a TV presenter and expert interviewee. He now acts as coach for people who have had no previous media training.

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There are Myths in Every Profession.
Here's my take on some of them from the second-oldest profession in the world (professional speaking):
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Make The Room Work For You
Always, always, arrive in plenty of time for your appearance on stage. Ideally, visit the venue in advance so that you can have a look at the room, and most importantly, get a "feel" for the position you will be working from. Go up on stage, (or t...
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10 Things That Event Planners Do To Upset Speakers
I hope this is not a career-damaging article. It's not intended to be. It has been compiled following a challenge from two fellow members of MPI (Meeting Professionals International). Since I have a foot in the camps of both professional speakers ...
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Bad Words And Biscuits. How To Handle Aggressive Questions.
One of the worst nightmares of speakers and presenters is someone in the audience who asks as hostile question. However, there is a technique you can use to defuse even the most angry interrogator.
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