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Good PR is Good PR. But Only If You're Ready

By Bruce Turkel

Lots of people quote the old bromide, "All PR is good PR" but few people actually live it. Recently I had a friend tell me that not only did he bel...

Extreme? Not Necessarily

By Barry Urquhart

The use of “extreme discounting” is a tactic which is fraught with danger, including the possibility of longer-term brand damage.

The 2nd Most Important Business Word You've Never Heard

By Chuck Blakeman

Wouldn't it be great if...?

The Ideal Work Environment to Attract Talent

By Joyce Gioia

Not long ago, E&Y released a report titled "Differentiating for Success, Securing top talent in the BRICs", detailing attitudes towards work and es...

5 Ways Giving Will Benefit YOU!

By Elias Kanaris

On Saturday, it was our daughter's birthday. "What did you get up to?" you might ask. I spent the day with 14 'strangers' at the house of another p...

How Can Web Analytics Be Simplified?

By Graham Jones

The standard array of reports from Google Analytics includes 135 different items. That's before you start adding in "goals" or "campaigns", which c...

Mindset and Exercise

By Andrew O'Keeffe

One study took the placebo effect a step further and demonstrated how mindset toward physical exercise affects a person’s health. Ellen Langer of...

Opportunity (or You'll Never Know If You Never Go).

By Bruce Turkel

A good friend of mine got the opportunity to speak at a very prestigious event. Besides the honor of the invitation, my friend was hoping to attrac...

Projects and The Day Job

By John Murphy

I was having a coffee with a friend of mine recently and we had a conversation that I thought was worth sharing with you.

Social Media and Digital Presence Stifling Creativity and Originality

By Barry Urquhart

To be ranked in the top echelon of social media and among SEOs (Search Engine Optimisers) companies, brands, products and services need to comply a...


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