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82% of Managers Aren't Cut Out For the Job: Do You Have What It Takes?

By HubSpot

Struggling to get along with your manager? It's probably not you. There's a good chance your boss should never have been promoted in the first place.

The PR Shoeshine. Or How to Make More Money From Your Existing Customers.

By Bruce Turkel

7 responses.

Are Your Prices High Enough?

By No Author

One of the fastest ways to increase profits for many businesses is to increase their prices.

Travel Megatrends for the Near-Term

By Joyce Gioia

Recently, an organization named Skift issued a comprehensive report on the future of the travel industry. The big three key themes emerging in trav...

What Weird Strategies Are Used by the Best 100?

By Charles Kovess CSP

Each year, since 1998, Fortune Magazine has published its 100 Best Companies to Work for in the USA. As I said in the last two Passion Points, ther...

Do You Make These 9 Leadership Mistakes?

By Elias Kanaris

Within 6 weeks of starting my first full-time role at the age of 22, I was promoted to head of department, managing a team of 23 people. It would b...

Battle of the Sexes: What Men and Women Think About Colors [Infographic]

By HubSpot

This post originally appeared on HubSpot's Agency Post. To read more content like this, subscribe to Agency Post. There's no question that men and...

Workforce Planning – Factors for Consideration

By Sharn Rayner

What is Workforce Planning? Simply put, workforce planning is about forecasting your current and future staffing needs in relation to your strategi...

Being a Change Champion in This Disruptive Age

By Ian Berry CSP

I've spent my life ever since I was disrupted with a life-threatening illness aged 24 (37 years ago) curious about how to thrive on the challenges ...

Chickens Cluck and Eagles Fly

By John Murphy

I will come back to the relevance of the title “Chickens cluck and eagles fly” later. First, let me recount a story that relates to it.

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