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What Happens When The Alpha Goes On Leave?

By Andrew O'Keeffe

A number of years ago when I was a HR director I was absent from the office for several weeks. When I returned a few of the team complained about t...

Using the Psychology of Color (Part 1)

By Joyce Gioia

Color has a profound effect upon the human psyche and even physical body. It can calm or excite us; it can give us reasons to buy or not to buy; it...

It Doesn’t Interest Me

By Guest Writers on Business and Success

It doesn’t interest me what you do for a living. I want to know what you ache for and if you dare to dream of meeting your heart’s longing.

Save Face

By Barry Urquhart

There is increasing use of brand, product and company ambassadors by companies, governments, professional organisations and not-for-profit entities.

How to Communicate More Effectively?

By Thelma van der Werff

Effective communication is something that does not come easy to some of us.

How To Cope With Bullying As An Entrepreneur

By Sandy Geyer

A colleague of mine related the following story a few months back.

Who’s in charge now!


The shift in power from businesses to consumers is a powerful trend that is really starting to change the market dynamics for many well established...

Life's Too Short to be Complicated

By Ian Berry CSP

This is an updated article on a subject I have posted about many times before, that of leaders being and/or feeling time poor.

Obstacles to Great Coaching

By John Murphy

In my experience all managers want to do right by their people - grow them, develop them and make them perform at a higher level.

We Lost a Great Big Piece of Business

By Bruce Turkel

We lost a great big piece of business we should have won.

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