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A dominant Persona and It's Many Downsides

By Carole Spiers

There’s a special kind of confidence that is required by anyone aspiring to run for prime minister or president and there is a known psychological ...

Why Social Media Must Be Part of Your Business

By Ann Andrews CSP

Facebook reported Revenue for the fourth quarter of 2014 totaled $3.85 billion, an increase of 49%, compared with $2.59 billion in the fourth quart...

How to Lead and Inspire a Shared Vision

By John Murphy

In my experience, thinking about how to lead and inspire a shared vision is not something that we remind ourselves to do every day. I believe that ...

Naked Crabs

By Guest Writers on Business and Success

At the seashore, every pool and puddle left by the retreating tide seems to have a crab in it. Little ones scuttle sideways, squeezing under rocks...

It's OK to Say I Made A Mistake

By Ann Andrews CSP

It’s OK to say I made a mistake It takes courage to say ‘I was wrong’ It’s OK to say it didn’t work out like I planned It’s OK to move right along

5 Efficiency Tips to Save Your Sanity

By Debbie Mayo-Smith

1. Ensure Office Memos Get Proper Attention

The Two Page Solution for Easy Repeat And Referral Sales...

By Graham McGregor

Here's one of the simplest ways I know to get regular repeat and referral sales from existing clients and customers.

Engaging Millennials

By Guest Writers on Business and Success

It had to happen eventually and now it has. The Millennials are finally beginning to understand what really matters. Recently Futurestep, the RPO (...

How to Use Conflict As An Opportunity

By Alan Sharland

Conflict is frequently seen as a 'bad thing' and often referred to as something to be avoided or prevented. From the perspective of mediation and c...

Does it Really Matter If You Are An Introvert or an Extrovert?

By David Penglase

If you’re an extrovert, the latest research reported in the Journal of Cognitive, Affective, and Behavioral Neuroscience suggests your extroversion...

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William Gresse

William Gresse

William Gresse is CEO of Appraisal Smart Pty Ltd a company that developed a web-based Employee Performance Review, 360-Degree Feedback, a...


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