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On Being an Entrepreneur - Take Control of Your Personal and Business Finances
By Boris Dzhingarov
One of the main reasons to become an entrepreneur is that you want to be your own boss. After working in an industry for any length of time you know there are better and often more efficient ways of doing things and this is what you’d like to try....
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Telecommuting: Keeping Remote Workers Accountable and Action-Oriented
By Boris Dzhingarov
Telecommuting saves time and money while reducing overhead, scheduling conflicts, time-off requests and sick days. Dell, Apple, Amazon and American Express are a few of the recognizable and wildly successful companies on Forbes list of the top 100...
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Reading Reduces Stress
By Carole Spiers
Every day I have so much reading to do – it might be emails, newspapers, magazines or blogs. It’s almost as if I’ve got to the stage of forgetting what it’s like to read for pleasure. I used to read novels regularly but, these days, having so many...
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Do We Really Need To Start With Why?
By Sean DSouza
In Tokyo, under the Ginza railway station, there is a famous restaurant run by Jiro.
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What Have We Become? (And What Are We Becoming?)
By Seth Godin
Every day, we change. We move (slowly) toward the person we'll end up being.
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Unintended Consequences
By Bruce Turkel
In my neighborhood — and probably yours too — there are new signs springing up everywhere. They feature a man bending over behind a dog under these words: “Pet waste transmits disease. Bag waste and clean up after your dog.” Apparently there’s an ...
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Fulfilling Your Promises
By Ian Berry CSP
41 years ago last May I moved with my then young family to a place we'd never been to before to begin my first assignment as a Branch Manager. There was two staff members and me in the spacious office in one of the town's three major streets. A li...
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Is Work/Life Balance A Myth?
By Robyn Pearce CSP
Work/life balance is given a lot of lip service in the corporate world – but what does that really mean, and how is it played out in the business world?
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80:20 Rule Myth Shattered
By Barry Urquhart
Ask, and you will receive. The findings of a recent national research study have shattered the widely-held contention that successful businesses generate around 80% of their revenue from repeat and referral transactions.
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Is Talking the Best Way to Boost Business?
By John Shackleton CSP
Recently I met a sales person who is earning over a $million a year in commissions. I’ve never been shy so I just came out and asked them what I’m sure you would want to ask – exactly what do you do to make a $million a year?
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