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Plan preemptively to handle extreme trauma

By Carole Spiers

Employee performances can tail off if such situations are not handled right. Originally published in the Gulf News Analysis

Tips to Help You Engage with Customers at an Exhibit

By Laura Tolentino

In addition to focusing on how you'll attract as many people as possible to your booth during a trade show, you also need to figure out how you'll ...

How to Choose the Right Forex Funds Management Team

By Laura Tolentino

When breaking into Forex, many new traders opt to run with managed funds as opposed to trading on their own.

How Do I Know When to Pack It In?

By Sandy Geyer

Whenever someone asks me this question in a presentation, someone else invariably mumbles, “When the money runs out”, which seems an obvious answer...

The Art and Business of Selling Ties.

By Bruce Turkel

Frank Kiick was one of the best-dressed men I ever met. His shirts and suits were always immaculate and precisely tailored to fit his lanky frame. ...

DANGER! E.mail Trap Ahead.

By Robyn Pearce CSP

What work task do you start the day with? Is it email? Many of us think ‘I’ll just get this out of the way and then I’ll be clear for the big jobs....

Leaders Paint Pictures

By John Murphy

I love this quote from the French author and poet Antoine de Saint-Exupery:

Valuable Lessons From Product Failures

By Barry Urquhart

Product failures, it seems, are inevitable. Steven Jobs, founder of Apple had a refreshingly candid philosophy about the issue: Fail big, fail fas...

Visitors or Guests?

By Jenny Magee

Last weekend's houseful of friends, insisting on helping in the kitchen, got me thinking.

The Next Half

By Ian Berry CSP

Half the year is gone. The following have been the reoccurring themes in my candid and convivial conversations with clients both in person and in c...

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