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The Art of Holding Others Accountable
By John Murphy
An anguished cry of frustration I frequently hear from CEOs is – “how can I get my people to be more accountable?”
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When Procrastination Turns Your Entire Life Into a Nightmare!
By Ann Andrews CSP
Procrastination is: ‘The act or habit of putting off or delaying something requiring immediate attention’
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Organisational Burnout
By Ian Harper
Stress is an essential part of work, enabling us to meet deadlines, deal with crisis and achieve various tasks at once etc. However, when the stress builds up and cannot be managed, we become susceptible to a condition called BURNOUT.
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Why Did You Buy? A Deceivingly Important Question To Ask Clients?
By Sean DSouza
Whenever we sell a product or service, we forget an important question.
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3 Reasons Why the Fastest Path to your Dream Client is not a Sales Funnel
By John Blake
Everywhere you look on line and in social media there is someone suggesting you are just one good sales funnel away from changing your whole business and your world.
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“You are undoubtedly the worst pirate I have ever heard of”
By Christine Walter
These are the words of Captain Norrington to Captain Jack Sparrow in the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Captain Jack Sparrow responds “Ah. But you have heard of me.”
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By William Buist
We choose our behaviours, the way we react to outside events, and the way we deliver our core approach. We cannot determine how others respond to what we do, what they assume, nor how the judge, but we can influence.
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The Future of Sales
By Joyce Gioia
Most aspects of business processes are evolving and sales is no exception. Some of the changes we are seeing in the sales process are aligned perfectly with other areas, e.g., most business processes are being affected by technology.
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Building Trust in your Team
By John Murphy
In Patrick Lencioni’s great book 5 Dysfunctions of a Team, he illustrates so well how trust is the basis of success for every team.
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The Digital Divide
By Barry Urquhart
Time for a reality check.
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