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Charting Your Way Through Office Politics

By Carole Spiers

The modern office environment can sometimes be a difficult place where game-playing, duplicity and even malevolence can run rampant within departme...

How to Engage Team Members in Decision Making

By Bob Urichuck

Who doesn’t want a high performing, loyal and results-oriented team? Can you see yourself as their leader? While some are getting the cheers and...

Why Singapore Is the Perfect Financial Hub in Southeast Asia

By Guest Writers on Business and Success

Doing business in Singapore is a sound choice for a number of reasons, amongst which is the fact that it has long been looked on as a stable financ...

Starting a Business: Helpful Tips on Sales and Promotion

By Guest Writers on Business and Success

One of the struggles of a lot of start up businesses is having the capacity to be able to keep a watchful eye not just on selling their brand but a...

How to Open up a Pop Up Retail Store

By Guest Writers on Business and Success

A pop up retail store is a shop that opens up for a short amount of time in different locations. It can be seen as an exclusive shop since it is op...

Work on Actually Delivering your Presentation

By Carole Spiers

Half hearted measures will just not come out right and lose you an audience

Who Pays the Cost of Work Related Stress?

By Sharn Rayner

It is undeniable that there is a high physical and emotional toll paid by individuals suffering from excessive workplace stress. However, the cost...

New Business Start-Ups Growing, Except in US

By Joyce Gioia

Now number 12 among developed nations for new business startups, the United States has fallen behind a number of other countries, including Hungary...

Group Think is Alive and Well

By Andrew O'Keeffe

How groups make decisions is a key part of human living. “Group think” is alive and well. If we know the dangers in group think then we can take st...

7 Passionate Thoughts to add to your Success Toolbox in 2015

By Charles Kovess CSP

We have been pondering how to kick these Passion Points off to a big start in this new year: a year that is rapidly becoming a bit of an old year! ...


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Dr. Jim Bradley

Dr Jim Bradley is an NLP practitioner and has professional membership status within the Life and Business Coach Association of Ireland (L...


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