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Is 'Control' In Life a Myth?

By David Penglase

I’m of the firm opinion that disruption, distraction and change is the default position of life and what this means is we need to be able to proact...

Differing Costs of Production, Reproduction

By Barry Urquhart

The concept of, and concerns about production costs are so .... mercantile.

New Time Management Techniques - Or Are They?

By Robyn Pearce CSP

We seem to be living in a whole new world. People are learning to act and react in different ways, there are new ways of doing business and constan...

Time to drop your performance reviews?

By Stewart Forsyth

3 Take-aways and 4 bits 1. There is serious evidence that a bundle of people management practices that fit together to make a performance manage...

Career Expectations of the Generations

By Joyce Gioia

The new generation just coming into our workplaces will redefine ambition. They are significantly more likely to associate success with the ability...

Monumental Screw Up

By Andrew Baird

Yesterday I heard a great story about a very popular networking event where the speakers shared their biggest screw ups in business, what they lear...

Valuable Lessons From Product Failures

By Barry Urquhart

Product failures, it seems, are inevitable. Steven Jobs, founder of Apple had a refreshingly candid philosophy about the issue:

Do you have Sales Amnesia ?

By John Blake

In the last 6 months I have noticed a very strange phenomenon.

How to Communicate More Effectively with Customers

By Laura Tolentino

The key to the success of any business is with the satisfaction level of its customers. If your customers are unhappy with the experiences they had...

What's In A Name?

By Bruce Turkel

There was once a store in our neighborhood with the name Strictly Tennis. Everyone knew what Strictly Tennis did and what they sold. But then enoug...

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