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How To Ask For Money

By Bruce Turkel

Want to know how to ask for money? Pull off any expressway and down onto any exit ramp in any big city in America and you’ll probably have the same...

Printing Memories - Coffee Table Booklets

By Guest Writers on Business and Success

Special Memories for staff; reward their work

How Many Items Should I Put on a Page?

By Graham Jones

This week I have been asked twice about online dating. Not me personally, I hasten to add. Firstly I was asked by the Daily Telegraph to contribute...

It's Not About the Goals, It's All About the Habits

By John Murphy

So, a few weeks into the new year - and how are the goals progressing? A few slips here and there? Come on, be honest!

Two Simple Marketing Strategies to Make 2015 a Very Good Year...

By Graham McGregor

In my first message for 2015 I thought I'd share two simple marketing strategies that you can use to make 2015 a very good year for your business.

Are You On the Move?

By Ian Berry CSP

Moving from a focus on results to a focus on reasons

Persuasive Words That Convert. A Cast Study

By John Blake

Last year, a client of mine of a client who owns a weight loss and nutrition clinic decided to update her website.

9 Powerful Reasons Why You Absolutely Must Plan Succession

By Jenni Murphy-Scanlon

The idea that planning succession is important has been around for some time now, and yet despite the seemingly excellent reasons for doing so, few...

What Does 2015 Hold for the 50+ Workers?

By Ann Andrews CSP

I've been concerned for a long time that we are putting so much of our valuable experience out to 'pasture' by letting our older workers go. Yes an...

The Power of Encouraging Your People to Ask Great Questions

By Ann Andrews CSP

If you watch small children, they are constantly asking ‘why’? Yes it drives us mad, but that’s how they learn.


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John Shackleton CSP

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