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Everything You Need to Know About Starting a Social Work Practice
By Boris Dzhingarov
If you plan to or are currently studying for a masters of social work online, you might be considering setting up your own Social Work practice once you graduate. This can be an exciting venture, but there’s a lot you need to know and many decisio...
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7 Sales Job Interview Questions that Lead to Better Hires
By Andrew Armstrong
Hindsight is always 20/20 when it comes to identifying why a sales executive did not have success in their role. However, given the costs of making a bad hire, asking the right questions in the interview stage can draw out the kinds of insights ne...
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Five Reasons the 5-Hour Workday Works
By Stephan Aarstol
The work world has fundamentally changed, and the workday needs to evolve. Work is not the purpose of life. Living is. And it's time our workplaces reflect. The eight-hour workday is now outdated and irrelevant. Today's knowledge workers have the ...
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Education is the answer
By Seth Godin
It almost doesn't matter what the question is, really. Everyone is an independent actor, now more than ever, with access to information, to tools, to the leverage to make a difference.
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If Not Now, When?
By Seth Godin
Care a little more.
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Lessons In Artificial Intelligence
By Rohit Talwar
Last week, we were honoured to be invited to and attend The AI Summit in San Francisco, the world's largest AI business event.
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How a Good Office Layout Can Relieve Pressure
By Carole Spiers
In trying to identify the workplace pressures that cause stress, we often overlook the obvious one that is staring us in the face, all day and everyday - office layout and design.
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When Mistakes Are Okay
By Robyn Pearce CSP
I met John very early in my career as a time management trainer and speaker. He had put himself through university by doing casual farm work. His story about how to teach someone a new task is still as vivid as the day he told it.
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Things Will Get Better When….
By John Shackleton CSP
I seem to have spent a lot of my life with that mantra running through my head. The bit that follows changes regularly – sums of money in the bank, shiny new car in garage, tropical holiday on the horizon, but what remains constant is that everyt...
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How Kicking Angels Help You Grow Your Business
By Sean DSouza
You’ve heard of a guardian angel, haven’t you?
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