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Unique Career Opportunities With an MBA
By Boris Dzhingarov
A Master of Business Administration is a graduate level degree option. Programs general focus on business topics, such as marketing, accounting, leadership and human resources. It is considered a professional degree and can open doors to a variety...
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Create Value From Values
By Professor Mohan Sawhney
This is a column about creating value. Like you, I spend a lot of my time thinking, writing and talking about value. But as I look at the crisis of confidence plaguing the corporate world in general, I am forced to consider a deeper question - in ...
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Why Do We Work Such Long Hours?
By Robyn Pearce CSP
As I work with clients in many countries, a recurring theme is how to work less hours. Some are doing it but most are still seeking that particular Holy Grail! Trouble is, many think they’re locked in, with no choice but to work crazy hours.
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How To Make The Mental Leap From a Job to a Business
By Sean DSouza
Today I sat down to install one of my most-used programs: Dragon Naturally Speaking.
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It's Not The Bottom It's The Foundation
By Seth Godin
Organizations are built on the work of people who don’t get paid very much, don’t receive sufficient respect and are understandably wary of the promises they’ve been hearing for years
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Culture, Confidence and Commerce
By Barry Urquhart
Business is transacted, grown, optimised and sustained when the corporate culture is positive, the focus is on customer-oriented outcomes, confidence pervades the team and pride is felt for the entity, its people, products, services and application.
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Fruitful Office combatting African deforestation
By No Author
The team at Fruitful Office have been collaborating with the charity RIPPLE Africa to help slow down deforestation in Malawi and Africa. The campaign they have been running, Planting Trees for Africa, has involved the planting of a large number of...
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Spreading Your Message: How to Be an Industry Leader via Video
By Jake Anderson
Getting your voice heard and establishing yourself as a leader in your field is much more difficult today with the amount of competition online fighting for the audience’s attention. And yet, the internet is also how you can set yourself apart fro...
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Greening the mix: A look at changing energy consumption patterns and emission reduction
By Deloitte University Press
A recent fall in US energy-related emission levels has been attributed to changing fuel consumption patterns, primarily toward natural gas. However, while natural gas is “cleaner” than other fossil fuels, it is far less clean than alternates such ...
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Why Paying For Staff to Do Online Degrees Can Be a Very Cost Effective Staff Development Strategy
By Boris Dzhingarov
A good development strategy for your long term, full time staff can be a hugely important thing. Not only does it help motivate staff to stay with the company, and serve as an attractive benefit for new staff when recruiting, it can also help you ...
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