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It’s All About Engagement!


I really enjoy listening to a Ted Talk on YouTube by Ernesto Sirolli titled, “Want to help someone? Shut up and listen!” Over many years I have hea...

The Changing Face of Social Media

By Guest Writers on Business and Success

In the last two weeks or so a number of articles have appeared about the change in focus at Google towards its social platform - Google Plus. Googl...

Are you Making these Sales Script Mistakes?

By John Blake

I have been seeing a heap of debate and discussion out there on scripts lately.

2 Simple E.mail Tips that Will Save You Hours Per Week

By Robyn Pearce CSP

Here are two email tips that got the folks really excited. People can't wait to start using them in my experience. I’ll share the instructions in O...

Social Media Marketing: Love it or Hate it, it is Here to Stay!

By Ann Andrews CSP

Social media has taken over the way we live our lives.

Real Leadership Isn't a Popularity Contest

By Ian Berry CSP

I watched the Australian ABC television program 4 Corners last Monday evening. The show was about why Australia's Prime Minister Tony Abbott almost...

The Fundamentals of a Good Leader

By Ann Andrews CSP

A good leader is...

Understanding and Overcoming Negative Body Language

By Ann Andrews CSP

Your body language affects your results

Types of Workplace Surveys

By Sharn Rayner

How do you obtain insight into your business and the thoughts and feelings of those that work for you?

Become an entrepreneurial machine: try these tips

By Kevin Fullerton

Look at the entrepreneurs who are flying high – Alan Sugar, Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg.


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John Shackleton CSP

John Shackleton CSP

John Shackleton CSP is an ex swimming coach, performance expert and is passionate about helping businesses raise their game.


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