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The Transhuman Era
By Joyce Gioia
The National Intelligence Council (NIC) in the United States recently released its highly anticipated, 140-page report, Global Trends in Alternative Worlds 2030. The document outlines the major trends and technological developments we can expect i...
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4 Ways You Can Make Your Sales Process Invisible to Your Client
By John Blake
Sales has evolved in proportion to the markets awareness of sales techniques. To stay ahead of the curve naturally your sales approach needs to evolve as well.
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Keep vandal’s mitts from your businesses’ exterior
By Jacqui Strachan
You’ve got a business that ticks over like the tides, employees who can be trusted with the most difficult of tasks, and more profit than you’ll find in Scrooge McDuck’s vault of golden coins. But while you smell the fumes of cold hard cash, one p...
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Will there come a time when people are paid NOT to work?
By Ann Andrews CSP
Predictions are that we are moving into a world where there will be:
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Navigating The Road Ahead
By Barry Urquhart
What does the balance of 2016 look like? Overall, the commercial landscape will resemble the scene of a road smash ... including evidence of a little road-kill.
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How to 'Frame' a Conversation
By Christine Walter
Have you ever been in a conversation where it seems to be going nowhere? Both parties are almost stuck in their own track with little chance of progress.
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Build a Structure that Enables Not Disables
By John Murphy
In my opinion, too often we go after the traditional corporate structure – the age old template that we have all experienced.
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Why Ending Your Prices with "9" Won't Sell More Product
By Sean DSouza
Why Ending Your Prices with "9" Won't Sell More Product
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Can You Reduce Driving Time?
By Robyn Pearce CSP
I had a big wake-up call a few weeks ago while chatting to my friend Elizabeth Jeffries over coffee. She and her husband Stephen were visiting from Louisville, Kentucky. Most of her work is coaching senior executives.
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Hard Wired Humans and Maasai Leadership
By Andrew O'Keeffe
The Maasai culture in East Africa has endured for centuries. What are the key elements of their approach to leadership and what can workplace leaders learn from their approach?
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