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How To Cope With Bullying As An Entrepreneur

By Sandy Geyer

A colleague of mine related the following story a few months back.

Who’s in charge now!


The shift in power from businesses to consumers is a powerful trend that is really starting to change the market dynamics for many well established...

Life's Too Short to be Complicated

By Ian Berry CSP

This is an updated article on a subject I have posted about many times before, that of leaders being and/or feeling time poor.

Obstacles to Great Coaching

By John Murphy

In my experience all managers want to do right by their people - grow them, develop them and make them perform at a higher level.

We Lost a Great Big Piece of Business

By Bruce Turkel

We lost a great big piece of business we should have won.

Why Would a Business NOT Have a Website?

By Graham Jones

Strange as it may seem, not every business has a website. Indeed, a study conducted a year ago showed that only 47% of British businesses had a web...

Creating a Truly Engaged Workforce and Workplace

By Carole Spiers

What do the people you employ really want? This is the question that I asked an audience of HR professionals last week in London.

Help – We Are Running Out of Space!

By Ann Andrews CSP

Paperwork, filing, order forms, receipts. All stacking up in more and more filing cabinets.

A dominant Persona and It's Many Downsides

By Carole Spiers

There’s a special kind of confidence that is required by anyone aspiring to run for prime minister or president and there is a known psychological ...

Why Social Media Must Be Part of Your Business

By Ann Andrews CSP

Facebook reported Revenue for the fourth quarter of 2014 totaled $3.85 billion, an increase of 49%, compared with $2.59 billion in the fourth quart...

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