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Is Talking the Best Way to Boost Business?
By John Shackleton CSP
Recently I met a sales person who is earning over a $million a year in commissions. I’ve never been shy so I just came out and asked them what I’m sure you would want to ask – exactly what do you do to make a $million a year?
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Growth vs fixed mindset: what could it mean for sustainability?
By Clare Feeney
“Growth” is a loaded word in sustainability circles, most often equating to growth of economic activity underpinned by overuse of natural resources and the resulting harms to ecosystem and human health.
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By Clare Feeney
‘If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.’ Often misattributed to quotesman extraordinaire Mark Twain, the original quote is from Abraham Kaplan in 1964 (1).
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The Flip is Elusive
By Seth Godin
For a generation after people realized that smoking would kill them, many smart, informed people still smoked. Then, many of them stopped.
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Teams Winning Gloriously
By John Murphy
As you all know the focus of my business is primarily around creating successful teams.
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Three Questions Every Professional Needs to Ask
By Bruce Turkel
As service professionals we all do the same thing.
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Candour Precedes Creativity and Innovation
By Ian Berry CSP
"How long will it take you to find out why we're not being as innovative as we need to be?" asked a prospective client.
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Email Overload
By Robyn Pearce CSP always in the top five most common problems my workshop participants complain about.
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100 Conversation Starters For Virtually Any Situation
By HubSpot
Whether you love networking, consider it a necessary evil, or would rather bounce on a trampoline with 1,000 live tarantulas than meet-and-greet, it’s part of your job. After all, salespeople who can network successfully have a better chance of...
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A Team for a Startup
By Sandra J. Hayward
At some point or another, from the birth of idea until a later time, every startup faces a number of pressing issues: how to start a project, where to get money, how to find a team, how to get help from experts.
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