Youth in the Workforce


Youth are lazy. Youth are selfish.

To understand youth, you have to put yourself in their shoes and ask: “What’s in it for me?”

In recent years, the subject of youth, and inter-generational relationships has been a popular and booming subject among businesses.

Sure, the younger generations in your workforce may have a different approach and mindset to every day ‘work’. But businesses are tired of hearing the broken record of younger generations being ‘selfish’ and ‘lazy’. They’ve heard it all before, and aren’t interested to hear more about them – they want to know what to do to get the different generations in line, and keep their productivity and efficiency levels up.

I won’t bore you with the theories of younger generations. I know relationships are hard to build, especially inter-generational ones.

But you know, I’m feeling positive today, and I hope you are too – today may be the start of something special. I’m going to tell you an insight and absolutely successful technique that anyone can use to actually improve a relationship between generations. Actually, not only can it improve a relationship, but the true value is that by using it, any situation can result in a win-win situation (as in no one is left with the short stick!) – both sides get what they want! Cool, huh?

Whether it’s between you and a youngster in your team, or between an elderly crew member and their manager who might as well be their son – this, one of many of my concepts are all applicable between generations.

I think relationships are always a two-way street, so it doesn’t matter who uses this simple tip, when, or where. The important thing is that at the end of the day, generational conflict in your workplace will slowly thin out to be a myth.

At school, we got taught that the hardest skill for a human being was to listen. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing!! And over the years, I met people who found it both easy and hard to simply listen to one another, but one thing was certain: when you DO listen, the power of it can really amaze you. So here is my 2 cents of the day:


You Shut Up

Everyone loves to be heard so next time you’re talking to someone, or even if there is an argument or misunderstanding, no matter how badly you want to speak over the other person, yell, scream or add your 2 cents in, take a breath and hear them out first. One of the following things may happen:

a) You may hear a story that can change your mind about what you were just about to say
b) They may blurt out some silly heat-of-the moment comment that you can share at dinner tonight

c) You would have given them the right of speech before you. This means they will immediately make a mental note of this, so when they’ve finished, they will subconsciously be inclined to listen to you without interruption. At the end of the day, you’re prepping your colleagues to let them listen to you, by psychologically respecting their right to speak.



Eva-Maria is a 20 year old family coach, international speaker, TV personality and author of the bestselling book ‘You Shut Up!’. Russian-born, Eva-Maria currently lives in New Zealand, working with various groups, corporate, and families, and is on a full-on mission to help improve 1,000,000 adult-teenager relationships around the world!


Eva Maria is our youngest author. Born in Russia in 1990, she moved to New Zealand with her parents, brother and sister in 1996. She is now working towards an International Coaching Certificate.

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