Why You Need Facebook As Part Of Your Social Media Marketing Plan


Facebook used to be thought of as purely a place for social networking in the sense of friends meeting up or people with a common interest.

However it has grown beyond that now and is the 2nd biggest social networking site in the world. If that isn’t a reason to consider Facebook then I don’t know what is?

Moving on from the sheer size and number of people on Facebook the interface is extremely easy to use as is the process of inviting ‘friends'. Friends for these purposes need to be thought of as prospects. Using Facebook it is perfectly possible to recruit 50 prospects in 20 minutes. So in a six day week that's a potential of 300 prospects a week. The trick is to recruit friends from Facebook who are interested in MLM marketing.

Fortunately Facebook makes this easy because it allows like-minded people to form groups and a lot of industry leaders have fan pages. Facebook has a limit of 5,000 friends, groups and Fan Pages are a way round this limit.
Essentially your strategy should consist of firstly creating a full and professional profile, preferably one you use for your business only. That way you know all your friends are related to your business opportunity and not the one you may have for friends and relatives.

There are some cardinal sins you should not commit on the profile the main one being to do with your photograph. You DO NOT want a goofy, or scantily clad photo or one at an angle. You should be professionally attired and have a pleasant smile. Any logo should be relevant and again professional in appearance.

After creating your profile you then need to join up to say 10 MLM groups to start with. When looking at the groups go for groups with over 500 members. This is where you will recruit your friends from.
When inviting your friends remember to include their name in the invite.

I am grateful to the work of Mellissa Swanson and Gregg Davidson which has contributed to this post being written.


Andrew Peel has a background in project management; he works as a consultant - business management coach and mentor.

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