Why Recruitment Should Be More Like Dating


Would you make a long term commitment to a complete stranger, someone that you've just met and only known for an hour and a half? Would you then invite them to live in your house, share your secrets with them and expect your closest friends and family to trust them as well? Chances are, you'd have a more robust process in place before considering such a proposition. However, while the context differs, the level of risk between taking on a new employee and finding a long term partner is comparable.

Many organisations simply review a few CVs, conduct one interview and if that goes well, the job is offered. But is that enough? This person is key to your business, you are likely to spend more time with them than your partner - yet an hour and half after you've first met them they have a job, a salary, and an all access pass to your commercially sensitive information and to your clients. In fact this person gets much more security than your partner does if things don't work out as you've planned.
As with any relationship be it personal or professional, getting it right takes an investment of time and effort:

Recruitment Dating
Review CVs and shortlist Socialise and meet people

Conduct at lerast two interviews:

First is exploratory - use behavioural based questions to ascertain if they can do the job

Second focus on team fit - meet with your team, coffee, morning tea, Friday night drinks

Check Facebook and LinkedIn for any inappropriate work related comments or activity

Go out on lost of dates:

Check out Facebook and LinkedIn (who do hey mix with, any distrubing photos)

See out areas of common interst and compatibility/incompatibility.  Talk about your future, your vision

Psychometric testing - who needs an axe murderer on their team?

Psychometric testing offers greater insights into both ability and personality traits so you can assess suitability based on the competencies required of the role and compatibility with your team and management style

Psychometric tests may be conducted on potentail partners but tis would be unusual!


Complete two reference checks as this is the last opportunity to see if who the candidate says they are is the reality.  Questions should focus on the key competencies of the role

Feedback from friends and family, even their friends and family if possible

Congratulations - you've found "the one"!  Make the job offer knowing that you have managed the risk using the appropriate tools Congratulations - you've found "the one"!  If all is ok, you might start living together, get engaged, get married!















This is a very light hearted view of a serious subject. The costs of mistakes when hiring a new taff member directly impact your bottom line - lost productivity, time required to train and e-train staff, low staff morale, over time payment, the list goes on. A little more investment in  robust recruitment process can save a lot of heartache!

Sharn Rayner
Director, Pod Consulting Ltd


Sharn Rayner is the Director of human resources and organisational development consultancy - Pod Consulting.

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