Why don't we Drop the Pain Story- for the Gain Glory?


We all want more. Its human, its part of our internal makeup, and it drives us to get more from life.

However another part of our internal workings is when we have negative evidence - say for example 1 or 2 bad sales cold calls we then focus on the idea that ALL cold calling will be bad.

This strategy allows us to avoid responsibility for creating change, and seems vindicated from a very small amount of experience. 

However the successful have one skill that overcomes this. 
It takes training, persistence and determination. 

They get comfortable with being uncomfortable to achieve their end goals

It's been said people aren't afraid of failing, they're actually afraid of succeeding. 
With success comes obligation, responsibility and commitment. 
It requires we become more- to achieve more. 
With affirmations and a supportive environment we can enable this change. 

To help you get and do more, here are some questions regarding language use to get you aligned to maintain gain.

  • What sort of affirmative, positive language do you or your team use before going out in to the field, or before facing customers?
  • Does your language support your goals?
  • Do you plant seeds of probable gain or possible pain?
  • Do you use a 'feedback sandwich'?

An example of a feedback sandwich is structured as follows:


One thing I love about your efforts is your picking up the phone and contacting lots of people

One thing I would suggest is when you get a phone call that doesn't go well that you take a moment and get positive before making your next call.

Over all I'm loving your effort and I'm excited to see your results


This type of language use supports the staff member, delivers a positive affirmation and leaves the recipient feeling confident and inspired rather than fearful and under review.


Try this at your next 1 on 1 with staff or at your next staff meeting. You will find it creates space for improvement that may not have existed before. 

  Have a great week selling ! 

Justin Cunningham



Justin Cunningham is a business coach/creative/marketer/future trend enthusiast/musician and speaker. This man oozes energy and passion and ideas.

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