Why Do You Keep Your Lead Generation Marketing A Secret?


A lot of businesses and sales professionals would like to make referrals a major part of their lead generation strategy but all too often sabotage their own b2b and other sales lead generation efforts.

How could this happen you ask?

They can go to great lengths to generate business sales leads but spoil it all by not telling anyone that this is actually how they want to do business!

Sound ridicules? Well it is true.

Think about this for a minute. Do your family and friends even really know what you do? Even if they have some idea, do they understand the full range of the services and products you offer? Have they any idea how good you are?

And what about your clients? Do they know more about you than just the products and services you have sold them?

Here is an interesting exercise for you. Actually ask them what you do and see how many aspects of your business they know about. People’s memories are short – you may find they don’t even remember what you sold them!

So how can they tell others and add to your marketing activity if they do not know what you do?

It does make sense when you stop and think about it…so stop and think about it. After all, the more people that knows all about you and your services the better.

You need to be in regular contact with your clients, friends, family and any others you can think of that might act as a source of business. It has been suggested that you need to make regular contact with your clients every two months or more at the very least if you are to have any chance of being remembered at all.

Remaining front of mind takes consistent work and effort.

There are many ways you can do this:

  • An email campaign.
  • A referral strategy to revisit existing clients.
  • Send brochures and advertising with every invoice you send out.
  • Try new e-based ideas like audio cards and pictures.
  • Add referral activity to each client meeting.
  • Add the fact that you work from referrals to all your newsletters and literature.

These are just a few ideas that will help spread the message about you.

But the biggest secret is how you ask. You need to become really good at how you ask for referrals. That is the real secret.

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Bill James raced from the humble beginnings of selling door to door to becoming a national sales manager within the finance and insurance industries.

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