Why Blogs Will Be Around For A Long Time Yet

by Guest Expert

Blogs (from the original term ‘web log' which jokingly morphed to ‘we blog' and then finally blog) evolved from the online diary. Student Justin Hall, who began personal blogging in 1994, is generally recognized as one of the earliest bloggers, and then in the late nineties blog platforms like Live Journal and Blogger.com saw blog popularity explode and by 2004 blogs were considered mainstream.

In the early days critics dismissed blogging as a ‘fad’. Then the cynics themselves (in some cases quite famously) began blogging and today there are over 112 million blogs in cyberspace and still more being created every day.

The main objections that I hear to reading all these amazing blogs are… ‘I don’t have enough time to read them’ or ‘I hate reading off my computer screen.’

Whereas books, magazines and newspapers can be taken and read anywhere and anytime.

But thanks to the Kindle2 by Amazon – and other electronic readers destined to follow – now you can download your favourite blogs (and books) and read them in bed, in the bath, on the beach or on the bus.

The Kindle2 allows you to download and read blogs and books anywhere, anytime; it’s slim and lightweight with long battery power; it’s wireless; the screen reads like real paper; it holds over 1,500 books… it can even read your blog out loud to you. How cool is that?

The Kindle2 is not only good news for blog readers but also importantly for bloggers. Your blog audience could soon get a whole lot bigger; or at least more engaged, if your blog is more accessible. The Kindle2 has essentially guaranteed the permanence of blogging in our lives.

So for those not blogging yet; now’s a good time to start!

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