Why Bad Testimonials Attract The Wrong Clients


Nothing bugs you more than a painful client. A client who hassles you at every step of the way. A client who won't pay on time. A client who takes up so much of your energy that you get drained.

I used to have clients like that

And then at some point I stopped getting bad clients. Every single one of our clients were helpful, kind and extremely
co-operative. Work became a joy instead of a painful exercise.

And after a lot of digging, I found out the reason for the change

Amazingly it was the testimonials. My Web site was like a mirror. When I had the "right" testimonials and the right "tone" to the
testimonials, and of course the right "structure", I started getting amazing clients. 

So what's the right tone and right structure?

Can something as basic as a testimonial make such a massive difference to your sanity and your cash flow? And is it possible 
that instead of just getting another testimonial, you'll actually get an insight into how the customer buys, and their rationale 
for choosing you?

If you've ever struggled to get consistently good clients (or detailed testimonials for that matter) then you'll find that this 
knowledge is more than just common sense. It's a bit of strategy you can't do without.

Sean de Souza



15+ years ago, fresh out of college with a degree in accounting Sean de Souza joined an advertising agency where he *met* Leo Burnett, a man who had spent his lifetime in the hard trenches of communication and advertising.

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