Why Tickets to an Event Can Be a Great Staff Christmas Gift


Finding ways to build teamwork within a company and earn loyalty can be difficult for any manager or boss.

There is a certain amount of justifiable skepticism toward these types of activities by employees, who can feel that these efforts at times are superficial or without any real benefit. Businesses spend countless millions of dollars annually on consultants and firms that devise ways to bring employees closer together; some of it effectively amounts to meaningless hocus-pocus. As such, businesses and brands must pursue legitimate ways to earn employee trust and build relationships that produce better workplace results. You'll want to continue reading to find out why providing staff with event tickets can be an ideal way to achieve this.

Shows You Value Employees

It can be easy enough to buy a generic Christmas gift for everybody in the office, but a ticketed event is a unique way to demonstrate you care about your workers. For starters, purchasing somebody a “service” rather than a “product” or traditional gift takes additional thought – something that your workers are bound to notice, if merely subconsciously.

Through services like www.ticketoffices.com, you'll be able to peruse a seemingly limitless number of events that can be carefully considered based on each employee's interests (or even the common interests shared by employees). Whether you choose to purchase tickets to one event for everybody or customize the gift based on each employee's tastes is up to you, but there is inherent value in both approaches. It all depends on what you're wanting to get out of giving the gift.

Creates a Fun, Judgement-Free Environment

The problem with traditional team building and employee exercises focused around building trust and relationships is simple: they feel forced. The environment is formal, people are being paid to be there, and the business has an obvious desired outcome. In this situation, it is hard for genuine interaction to occur in ways that bond people not only to each other, but to the business culture. When you treat employees to a ticketed event, however, you'll be creating the recipe for employees and employers to interact in a judgement-free environment where fun is the primary goal.

While there will still likely be inhibitions due to the fact that it is an event with fellow co-workers, you'll be able to see employees interacting with a bit less caution. Genuine conversations will happen about things going on at work and things that have nothing to do with it. It is in these moments that relationships and loyalties are forged.

Presents Opportunities for Individual Bonding

If you decide to pursue the route of purchasing unique event tickets for each employee, then you may discover that this has additional value. For starters, you'll probably want to learn more about what interests each one of your employees. This can give you some interesting information that makes it easier for you to have organic conversations in and around the office. As you learn more about each employee, the bonds of trust are increased and loyalty while at work tends to increase as a result of that personal bond. You can utilize this information beforehand to purchase the ideal ticket gift for the employee; afterwards, it'll make it easier to have meaningful interactions in the office.

Reduces Stress (and Turnover)

Many employees become easily stressed by the day-to-day grind of work. When combined with potential feelings that they're not appreciated, this can be a recipe for disaster. One great way to combine a gift to an event with a strategy to reduce this dynamic is to provide workers with time off the day of the event. This will allow them to relax on an otherwise hectic day, which improves overall morale.

The more you can do to relieve workplace stress while also demonstrating that you value the employee, the less likely it is that you'll lose this employee in the near future to a competitor. The cost of turnover is high – lost productivity and added training costs merely scratch the surface – so such a gift is more than worth the price tag.

It's More Than a Gift

Giving your employees a gift in the form of an event ticket goes beyond the simple act of giving. It is a way to create the conditions for further workplace bonding, between employees and between employee/employer. It is an exceptional way to demonstrate that you value the employee, and can actually do a better job at reinforcing this than by giving a standard gift. It can even lower workplace stress, which is a prime cause of turnover and of intraoffice friction. Now that you're aware of the benefits that a Christmas gift to a ticketed event can provide, the only question is to figure out which event(s) you'll be considering during your Christmas shopping!


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