Why the World Needs More Civil Engineers


Civil engineering is no longer as popular as computer science or software development. Young men and women are more interested in working with computers than they are building bridges and dams. Yet without experienced civil engineers, roads, bridges and other large civil structures would not be constructed.

The world has become computer mad. Kids read about tech billionaires in Silicon Valley earning huge amounts of money. Instead of opting to pursue a civil engineering degree online, they enroll on a computer science degree instead. Computers and technology are undeniably important, but the world cannot live without qualified civil engineers.

The World Needs Civil Engineers

Bridges, railways, tunnels, skyscrapers and other complex structures are the backbone of the developed world. Our cities would not function without transport infrastructure upgrades and new high-rise buildings. Civil engineers make sure the structures are safe and functional. Without them, nothing would be done.

A Great Career as a Civil Engineer

Civil engineering is a great career. The construction industry has taken a battering in recent years, as is always the case when a deep recession hits. Large construction projects were shelved and the work dried up. Many experienced engineers left the industry and looked for work in different fields, but with the economy now in recovery, there is plenty of scope for up and coming civil engineers to start shaping the world we live in.

Life as a civil engineer is never dull. Once you have a bachelors or masters degree in civil engineering, you have the world at your feet. It is customary to start in a junior position once you have qualified, but before long you will be working alongside more experienced engineers, playing a key role in the construction of major infrastructure projects.

Small projects are no less useful than large, headline projects. A small river bridge connecting two towns, or a road tunnel that shaves off thirty minutes by cutting through a mountain are just as important as railway bridges and dams. Civil engineers are trained to be problem solvers. It is your job to come up with a solution to a dilemma. You might be expected to figure out how to dam and build a major hydroelectric plant; or you might have to come up with a way of constructing a long tunnel under a river.

Helping Local Communities when Disaster Strikes

Modern civil engineers are also tasked with helping out when major environmental disasters strike. If a hurricane or tsunami destroys local infrastructure, engineers are needed on the ground to help rebuild roads and railways, dams and bridges. Without their help, local communities are left without essential resources and no outside assistance.

Never underestimate how essential civil engineers are. Experienced civil engineers are never short of work and large construction companies pay their civil engineers excellent salaries. This is a versatile job with plenty of opportunities for career progression. There is also plenty of scope for travel if you have a desire to explore the world. Could you be a civil engineer? If so, your country needs you!


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