Why Social Media Must Be Part of Your Business


Facebook reported Revenue for the fourth quarter of 2014 totaled $3.85 billion, an increase of 49%, compared with $2.59 billion in the fourth quarter of 2013. Excluding the impact of year-over-year changes in foreign exchange rates, revenue would have increased by 53%. So does this even remotely matter to a smaller business? It surely does.

People who are actively going online tend to go to social media to share their thoughts and insights. Social media sites offer businesses an opportunity to show and share what they can offer to its vast active user base. Each social media platform will offer unique relationship from user to businesses if presented properly.

Here are some tips to get you started on social media marketing.

  •  Target audience. You can join forums and other discussion groups to see what your potential clients are talking about. From there you can answer questions and share your knowledge on a particular subject. It is also a good site to offer your services and link your other social media page. About the marketing page it should be informative and useful. It should be quite impressive so that people who will catch the site will ask more questions and interaction will begin.
  • Planning ahead before getting started. Ask yourself what are your goals in joining the social media. Is it direct sales? Will it be technical support or customer care? Is it to maintain your current customer to attract new clients? Once you completed the initial plan then the content of your social page will follow. This will greatly affect the page that you will be creating.
  •  About social media itself. Once the plan has been made, the next step is creating content for the social media page. Will you create and maintain the site or have someone do it for you? Once the site has been created you will receive queries from prospective clients or existing customers. The web page also needs constant updates for your promotions or added services.

The real challenge for entrepreneur who wants to add social media marketing as one of their marketing strategy is time and expertise. Do you have what it takes to maintain you're online presence? Here is the answer, there’s a company called The Corporate Toolbox. While you concentrate your effort with productivity, their job is to make sure that your online presence from social media sites will always be available online.


Ann Andrews CSP specialises in working with high performing teams and showing managers how to deal with poor performance.

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