Why planning is key for exhibition marketing


With the rapid growth of online advertising, businesses often forget about the more traditional marketing methods. TV, radio and billboard advertising may be too expensive to take advantage of, but there are more affordable ways to advertise to your direct market. A tried and tested way of reaching your potential customers is to market your business at an exhibition.

Exhibitions are usually industry-specific and, as such, most attendees are potential customers. However, you can also count on the fact many of your competitors will be exhibiting at the same event, which means standing out in the crowd is going to be vital. This is no simple task, but planning your stand in advance by making an exhibition brief will allow you to be prepared.

What you need to plan

From visuals to product displays, there are a number of things you should plan in detail to make sure you’re prepared for your next exhibition. If you get everything right, you could see your sales and profits increase. If you fail to get noticed, you could go home empty handed. Here are a few of the key things you need to plan before your next exhibition.

  • Eye-catching visuals – The graphics featured on your stand are one of the main attractions that will draw people to come over to you. Visuals don’t need to be too complex and should relay your brand handwriting. Even if you’re working with a tight budget, professional help with visuals could prove to be a worthwhile investment.
  • Give-aways – You don’t always need to hand out free products to win the hearts of exhibition attendees, but you may need to be able to give them something they can keep. Plus, marketing collateral will help keep your brand name alive in people’s minds.
  • Customer service – It might be worth planning out what you want to say about each of the products you’re exhibiting. Customers will appreciate you being personal, friendly and honest, but it’s a good idea to have specific product information prepared.

Planning an exhibition is something you shouldn’t leave until the last minute if you want to see the best results. If done well, exhibitions can be one of the most effective ways to market your business. Winning new customers during exhibitions needn’t be difficult if you’re fully-prepared, and you can always utilise professional help if you want to see a high return on investment.


Boris Dzhingarov is a freelance branding & marketing consultant, advising companies and businesses on all aspects of internet marketing, SEO, web design, graphic design, and PPC (pay Per Click). He is the founder of Dzhingarov.com , www.traveltipsor.com , www.blogforweb.com , www.healthannotation.com and www.monetarylibrary.com

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