Why Paying For Staff to Do Online Degrees Can Be a Very Cost Effective Staff Development Strategy


A good development strategy for your long term, full time staff can be a hugely important thing. Not only does it help motivate staff to stay with the company, and serve as an attractive benefit for new staff when recruiting, it can also help you ensure your business is operating with well skilled, knowledgeable and competent people at every level.

What Kind of Training Matters Most?

While some elements of training may be specific to your business, for instance training staff to use bespoke software systems, or in representing your brand well, these are usually both the least expensive and the least interesting to staff. Employees prefer development strategies that give them real, tangible improvements to their skill sets, and especially those that give recognized qualifications. Courses like these are usually run by third party providers, for instance courses in management or HR methodologies, technologies, or financial control. These are also the kinds of training that are most impressive to your clients. For example, it can be appealing to say that everyone in your IT support team holds a Microsoft qualification like an MCSE.

Of course, these are also the courses that cost a lot of money.

Online Degrees

Online degrees are offered by a lot of good US colleges, and can be taken at both bachelors and masters levels in a wide range of subjects, from a masters in public health to a bachelors in computer science. These degrees can be done in the student's own time and result in a qualification that is as widely acknowledged as one gained by going away to study full-time on campus. By encouraging your staff who are interested in developing themselves to take a degree like an MPH online, an MBA, or anything else useful to your business, and paying for it, you can effectively get years of great development, a reason for them to stay with your business for at least the duration of their course, and staff with a great level of knowledge, all for the cost and time away from work of a few regular third party courses.

Other Benefits of Using Online degrees in Your Development Programs

There are some additional benefits, too. By showing potential new recruits that you invest in your people by having staff who are working towards things like post graduate degrees, you become a very appealing company to work for. Clients will also be impressed by the level of education your staff have, and by how you go about encouraging staff to continuously improve. Additionally, employees who are studying tend to apply things they learn as they learn them, so you won't need to wait for them to graduate to start seeing improvements in their work.

There are lots of good reasons why it is a very good strategy to use online degrees in your training and development for staff, but surprisingly, it can also be a very cost effective option.


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