Why Nobody Is Buying From Your Web Site

by Guest Expert

So you've got a Web site, and you've been sending people to it. And when you check the stats, you see that people are coming to it (Yay!). But for some reason they don't buy. They don't contact you, they don't book you, they don't fill in their credit card details, or whatever. So all that work you've spent getting them there is wasted. What could possibly be going wrong???

Well, the simple answer is: Lots of things. There are myriad reasons why somebody visiting your Web site decides not to take action. But I know that's not the answer you want to hear. It's not very helpful, is it?

So let me share three of the most common objections you'll get ...

1. "So what?"

They take the time to visit your site, click the beautifully designed buttons, read the finely crafted sales letter, but then say to themselves ..."So what???"

You see, you might be excited by your products and services, but they might not be. Here are some examples:

  • "So you're saying I can lose 10 kilos in 10 weeks? So what? That's what everybody says."
  • "So you've got 100 hours of video tutorials to help me sell more? So what? I can find the same on YouTube."
  • "So you're offering me a 100% money-back guarantee if the dress doesn't fit? So what? That's no good to me - I need to be sure itwill fit before I buy it."

The solution to the "So what?" problem is to be sure you're truly solving their problems or helping them achieve their goals, and doing it in a way that suits them, and offering them a solution they can't find elsewhere.

Which leads me to the next objection ...

2. "Who the *$!*! are YOU?"

You might have a Ph.D. from Harvard, 20 years' experience in your field, won industry awards for innovation, and be a legend in your own lunch time. But if they haven't heard of you, you need to work really, really, really hard for them to choose you from the many other alternatives. You know why you're different, but they don't - and it's not easy to convince them.

Here are some examples:

  • "So you want me to pay for your online course? But I can do the same course free at Coursera.org."
  • "So you want me to buy this from your online store? But I can get it from Amazon.com, with 3-day delivery, free shipping, and a 20% voucher for my next purchase."
  • "So you're Australia's leading marketing consultant? But I can get so much free from the world's leading marketing consultant, Seth Godin."

So let go of your ego, look at your Web site through a stranger's eyes, and ask yourself, "Would I really choose this business over every other option in the world?" If the answer is "No", you have two options: Either build your online reputation (and this means more blogging, newsletters, video, social media, etc.) or stop trying to sell to strangers.

3. "I'll wait."

The most frustrating response is not "No", but "Not yet". Salespeople learn how to handle this response when facing a customer, and you need to do the same as a marketer online.

If you have a logical reason for them to act now - e.g. an early bird date, limited stock, Christmas special, pre-launch pricing - then it's easy.

If you don't, explain how the world has changed so that now, more than ever before, they should buy.

For example:

  • "The Internet has changed the way people buy, so you need to learn a different way of selling."
  • "This new nano-technology fabric means our running shirts are lighter, cooler and more comfortable."
  • "The new legislation means Australians can now legally invest tax-free in our overseas assets."

Are you handling these objections on your Web site?

These are just three of many possible objections you face when trying to sell on your Web site. The key is to put yourself in your customer's shoes and consider why they might not buy.


Gihan Perera CSP


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