Why "Lazy Testimonials" Attract The Wrong Clients


Most folks think that the easiest part of their marketing is testimonials. What's to know about testimonials? You ask the questions, you get the answers. Or the client gives you a testimonial and you slap it in.

In other words you've got a "Lazy Testimonial".

And "Lazy Testimonials" prevent you from getting outstanding clients 
Clients who understand the depth of your work. Clients who aren't haggling about your prices--and more than willing to pay higher prices for better work.

And clients who understand that you need a life other than work. Clients you'd be happy to call your friends.

Your website is like a magic mirror.
Your marketing material is a magic mirror. When clients look into the mirror they see themselves. And if they like what they see,  they jump into the magic mirror to be one with that new  world--your world.

Testimonials are the key to creating that mirror effect. The right testimonials beget the right clients. The wrong testimonials bring  the moody, stroppy, grumbly clients in droves. Which clients would  you prefer?

Testimonials lead a secret life
A life so secret that you'll be amazed (yes, stunned is a better word) at just what testimonials can do to attract outstanding

Sean de Souza



15+ years ago, fresh out of college with a degree in accounting Sean de Souza joined an advertising agency where he *met* Leo Burnett, a man who had spent his lifetime in the hard trenches of communication and advertising.

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