Where Do Your Clients Disconnect?


Now more than ever when you are dealing with prospects you need to be mindful of the parts of your customer sales experience that are choke points or disconnects.

What is a disconnect or a choke point?

It's a part of your sales system where the prospect voluntarily drops out of your system.

The thing to look for is the pattern of behavior - that dead zone in your process where people drop out.

This could be along the path to them becoming a client in the first place, but even more importantly can apply to the journey they take with you once they become a client.

For example every business has an average client lifetime that they stay with that business.

It might be 6 months 12 months or even 18 months but over time a pattern will appear.

The best example of this is a martial arts club.

When you first start off you are a white belt, then you graduate up the ladder to eventually becoming a black belt and with each new grading you need more frequent training perhaps 1 on 1 training etc so your spending goes up also.

What's interesting is many companies that I speak to have never really looked at how often a client actually stays with them.

To go one step further, if you know what your average client's time with you is, what are you doing prior to or at that point to create more value so they stay longer?

If you're worried about spending more to keep them longer at that point, compare that to the cost of acquiring them in the first place and you will soon see what is more economical.

To go even deeper, what are you doing at strategic points throughout their time with you to ascend them up the ladder with you from C level client to A class client.

Action Step.

Look at your client journey, what is your ease of entry? What are you doing to quickly move each client that comes on board with up the client service or product ladder with you in a strategic way?

How are you using direct mail or sequenced email to ensure that at the point that each client is ready to "get their next belt" that you are making it as accessible and easy as possible.

If you look at your business from this angle, I guarantee you will discover some new ideas you can use to make your average client life with you longer and their spending ladder of ascension faster, bigger and more predictable.

John Blake



John Blake has been in direct sales for the past 22 years. Over this time John has been a highly successful sales person, sales manager and business owner.

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