When your Sales Pipeline has the Flu


As we enter winter it can be easy to accept that things will slow down and that we can retrench until a brighter selling season is upon us. We find that just like fighting the flu however, if you are prepared and are maintaining your health with good sales behaviour you will be rewarded with excellent sales health.

From talking to Sales Managers and Leaders around the country we find the following issues are slowing down their results and debilitating their performance


1 - Stuffing Poorly Qualified Leads in the Pipeline and Hoping to Feel Better


If your sales team is suffering from sales congestion, meaning opportunities are not getting through your sales process, we find it is often down to these issues.

  • Sales people are harvesting quantity sales-leads that are poorly qualified hoping that will make them look good in their Managers eyes
  • By getting a lot of sales leads they feel better about themselves emotionally
  • They are relying on the fact that with a lot of sales leads they must have a certain amount of leads that convert to sale

The impact on your sales organization is as follows -

1.     Your sales forecast gets destroyed by inflated unrealistic sales figures

2.     The cost of sales goes up as more activity has been directed to a failed outcome

3.     The impression of the Sales Managers ability to develop their team and deliver results is negatively affected in the eyes of their superiors

To help you to ensure this does not happen, try these two tips for your coaching sessions

1.     Ensure that when reviewing your sales teams new prospects they meet your definition of quality criteria in a check list

2.     Ensure your sales people tell you the likelihood, or weighting of their sales leads to close, and why


2 - Not Prepared to do the Hard Yards


When we win we celebrate, when we lose we analyze.

This commonly known phrase is used when people are distracted from the systems that deliver results consistently. Instead they are caught up in the looking good and instant gratification of making a sale, over the hard yards that must be done weekly.

Some of the hard yards we refer to include:

1.     Doing intensive research to find out who is the real financial decision maker to accelerate your sales velocity and decrease your sales cycle duration.

2.     Ensuring that a minimum number of calls to existing and prospective clients are made EVERY day

3.     Being able to articulate and validate why your prospects should choose you over your competitors, through knowing their problems and concerns better than they do


Justin Cunningham



Justin Cunningham is a business coach/creative/marketer/future trend enthusiast/musician and speaker. This man oozes energy and passion and ideas.

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