When You Ask For A Referral Are You A Wimp?


The common way is to ask for help.

That’s fine if you are talking to an emotive person who feels an obligation but is it professional? Do you want to be seen as needy? And what if you are talking to someone like a businessman who feels no obligation to you?

You will increase your success markedly if you make the request sound like you are able to help them or those they know. Try asking something like “Mr Client, I am really happy that you are 100% happy with everything we have put in place but I am sure you will know many other friends and work colleagues that would benefit from the sort of professional advice and service that you have just enjoyed.

1)    He/she is the hero for helping a friend.
2)    You are not begging for help.
3)    You become a professional.

Try it – it works!


Bill James raced from the humble beginnings of selling door to door to becoming a national sales manager within the finance and insurance industries.

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