When Things Get Tough


There are times in your life when you will hit a crisis point. When things are bad....really bad. So bad in fact that it feels like the walls are caving in on you and there is no way out.

Life seems impossible and you feel like you are about to implode with the pressure of it all.
A lot of people have been going through this lately, and I wanted to write you this email in case you are one of those people going through hell right now, so that I can give you some tips that will help get you through the other side.
I know what it is like, I've been through many crisis points in my own life, some are have been so monumental that I didn't know if I was ever going to be able to survive.
The one I want to talk to you about today happened almost 9 years ago now.... when Andrew and I found ourselves $250,000 in bad debt.  This wasn't debt associated with a property or any kind of asset this was pure bad debt, from loans and credit cards.
I'm not going to go into how we got into that much debt, it is a doozy of a story but not one I have space for in this email.  You can read about the whole story in my upcoming book "Gifts from the Darkness" when it comes out if you are interested.   But some of it was our own stupidity that got us in that monumental mess and some of it was out of our control.
To make things worse, our first child had not long graced the world, so we had a 6 month old baby at the time when we were staring down the barrel of this monumental debt.  I was also not working at the time to
look after our son, and our son wasn't sleeping virtually at all.....I'm talking he would only sleep a few hours in every 24 hour period.
So we were massively sleep deprived, depressed, stressed out to the max and facing financial crisis with the debt that we had found ourselves in.
We found ourselves in a place that seemed impossible to get out of and the walls were caving in on us.
It made sense to declare bankruptcy, but we didn't.  We knew that if we did our dreams of creating our dream business and life were as good as dead, even though we couldn't see how we were ever going to create
that dream at that point.
I'm pleased to say that I am here today, I'm alive, we survived and we got ourselves out of that massive financial crisis point even though at the time it felt IMPOSSIBLE.
So here are 4 powerful tips that might help you in your time of crisis, whether you are going through a crisis right now or when you hit one in the future....
#1    You Have Choices
No matter what is happening around you, no matter how much crap you have gotten yourself into, you always have choices about how you can react to a situation.  Andrew and I chose to react to this situation with a determined outlook to fix it and so we looked at the choices that we had and took action to move ourselves forward financially. 

#2    Get Rid of Narrow Thinking
It is easy when you are stressed and in a crisis point to go to narrow and limited thinking.  You can't see any solution to your situation and it feels like it is impossible to get out. The only way that we got out of that crisis (and many others in our life) is by opening up our thinking and seeing more possibilities.
Opportunities are everywhere, possibilities are everywhere, and so in these times it is extremely important to open up your thinking and see  that there are many solutions to your crisis, you just need to be open
minded and accepting to see them.
#3  What are the lessons?
In any crisis there are valuable life lessons that you can take from the situation and learn from.  For us and our financial crisis, one of the lessons was to be real with our finances and know where we were at on a regular basis and not put our heads in the sand and ignore our finances like we did.  A valuable lesson for us to make sure that we never found ourselves in that same position again.
A crisis point can have heaps of value for you in your life if you choose to see it and use it so ask yourself "What are the lessons in this situation for me?"
#4   Take Responsibility
Hitting a crisis point is not always our fault, we can find ourselves there from circumstances that are out of our control, but we can always take responsibility for our own lives.  
Choose to take responsibility for your situation and decide that you do want to fix it and take the actions that you need to do to make it happen.  Even small steps in the right direction add up over time to solve what seems like the impossible.  That is how we got out of our financial crisis....small steps in the right direction, it didn't get solved overnight...oh and lots of deep breathing along the way!!!
Ultimately in any situation in your life or business, it comes down to your inner game that will either get you through or see you crash and burn.
Your inner game is SO crucial to the results that show up in your life and business, and is made up of things like your thoughts, your beliefs, your habits, your outlook of life and your intentions.... it is the internal stuff that goes on inside of you to create your outer world. 

Kim Baird.


Guest Writer on Business and Success

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