What is Outplacement Support?


Outplacement support helps businesses manage the redundancy process as smoothly as possible. Employees offered outplacement support are less likely to hold negative feelings about their employer. Research also indicates that employees who receive outplacement support find employment quicker and more easily than those who don't. Examples of outplacement support include personal assessment, coaching in job research, CV development, applying for jobs, interview preparation, action planning and goal setting, and referral and selection of recruitment consultants.

Some of the benefits of providing outplacement support include:

  • Helps the employee to be positive and attain a new rewarding position
  • Demonstrates your commitment to your employees – those in roles that are being made redundant and those remaining
  • Enhances your image and reputation to customers, remaining employees and the local community who will see that you   are endeavouring to assist employees leaving the business
  • Promotes better retention and productivity from remaining employees
  • Reduces stress on those involved in the process of making positions redundant

While much of the focus is put on employees directly affected by the redundancy process and those leaving the organisation, it needs to be recognised that the process also puts considerable stress on those carrying out the process and other staff not directly affected. Consideration must be given to ensure that these people are also kept informed of what is happening and that any necessary support is provided. No-one wishes to see a co-worker having to leave for these reasons nor a manger having to let staff go under these circumstances. Unfortunately redundancy arises in many businesses but there are things that can be put in place to lessen the impact and done in such a way that treats affected employees with fairness, dignity and respect.

Ensuring that employees who leave the organisation are supported as much as possible is imperative.  Not only will it help those whose positions have been made redundant move on with a positive outlook and clearer direction for their future, it will also show the community and business world that you care about your employees.

We offer outplacement options which support those individuals whose roles are made redundant and which take into account their personal career level. Our process includes determining future career paths and interests for an individual often using psychometric assessment to assist in the process; CV preparation; job seeking assistance and interview preparation.


Sharn Rayner, Director



Sharn Rayner is the Director of human resources and organisational development consultancy - Pod Consulting.

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