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What to strip off to help you succeed! With less than a week before Christmas, I had the opportunity to spend some considerable time in a high profile retail store. Whilst I was there, I invested time observing people, stressed out to the max - both customers and staff alike.

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Undressing for success...

They say that Christmas is a stressful time, with in-laws and out-laws mingling with children for prolonged periods adding to the tension. As a customer came up to me during my second day there, he asked me how I was. "Fantastic!" was my reply. "That's incredible," he told me, "At least you're consistent, because you were ‘Fantastic!' yesterday as well!"

That got me thinking about how we can change the outcome of our Christmas experience. Here are 5 negative things that I recommend you remove to help you lift the lid:

1. Negative words.

As you get to know me, you'll soon realise that I believe that our words are very powerful. I would encourage you to eliminate negative words from your vocabulary. With over 600 negative words against 236 positive words in the English language, is it any wonder they tend to trip us up?

2. Negative self-talk.

My friend Kary Oberbrunner, author of the book, "Your Secret Name" says that we have not only a given name, "David", "Karen", "Peter" etc, but also a worldly-name such as "Ugly", "Failure", "Bankrupt" or "Retard". What name have you used to label yourself with? If you find yourself in this situation, try replacing that label with another that is opposite to it and positive.

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3. Negative thoughts.

When you think about it for a moment, how does negative thinking affect your personal life? Do people enjoy being around you when you're in a grumpy, negative mood? If you're always the naysayer in the group, do you find people want to come to you for help with innovative projects? Or, do you find yourself being handed boring, repetitive tasks simply because you're so much easier to deal with when you are doing something that won't cause you to protest? If the answer is "Yes!" to any of those points, it's time to remove those negative thoughts from your life!

4. Negative behaviour.

Negative behaviour tends to stem from an emotional need. This is commonly manifested through resistance, complaints, disruptions, demands and aggression. To counter negative behaviour, you must concentrate on all of the good things in your life and acknowledge your appreciation for all that you are thankful for. By showing gratitude for all that you have, you can begin eliminating negative thoughts from your mind.

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5. Negative attitude.

Basketball legend, Michael Jordan, is often quoted as saying, "Always turn a negative situation into a positive situation." It's said that he's missed more than 9,000 shots in his career; lost almost 300 games; been trusted to take the game winning shot 26 times and missed. He's failed over and over and over again in his life. And that is why he succeeds. What's your attitude like?

So, the next time you find yourself being negative about something, remember that you chose the garments that you wear and make sure that you take off these 5 negative things to help you lift the lid on your potential!

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Elias Kanaris is an expert in lifting the lid on leadership by focussing on ethical business practice.

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