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How cluttered is your day to day world and does it have to be like that? I recently visited a home that is quite small and it felt very cramped. The reason wasn't the size of the home, but the amount of furniture and the size of it. There was hardly any room to move and there was stuff everywhere. There were too many pictures on the walls, cabinets that took up a lot of space, and huge sofas. And there are only two people who live in this home!

Less is More
We recently moved into a brand new home we’ve had built. Everyone who comes to the house says how spacious it feels yet it’s much smaller than our previous home. We have either sold, given away or thrown away so much ‘stuff’ that used to adorn our floors and walls and in cupboards.  And that has extended to our offices. The result, a home that flows.  It’s easy to take care of and more time and space to be creative, reflective and actually more productive. How much clutter or ‘stuff’ is around you at home and work?

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or beautiful“ William Morris


From Clutter to Clarity

Physical clutter is similar to our minds.  More thinking doesn’t necessarily mean more productivity. A typical day for leaders may include back-to-back meetings with colleagues, clients and/or employees.  Couple this with all the phone calls, emails and other distractions, just how much of your day is actually productive? Maybe it’s time to take control of your day and make sure you do have the important one-on-one time with yourself!  It only takes a moment of clarity to have a powerful insight or idea. 
“When we slow down our habitual thinking, we allow the mind to work the way it is meant to work.” Syndey Banks

Spring and Autumn - Clean Your Mind!

At Chinese New year families make sure they spring clean prior to welcoming in the new year.  In the western world there is the tradition of spring cleaning our homes.  A year is a long time to build up more clutter.  Whilst still enjoying summer in New Zealand it is also time to prepare for winter and have an ‘autumn clean’. Starting with you, how much ‘stuff’ do you have on you mind about last year or last month? How much of your thinking is past its use by date and how much of that thinking is causing you stress?
For the next few days just notice how many times thoughts about a past situation or an event dominate your thinking.  They may be triggered by a person or situation – however they appear, notice the Feeling that goes with the thoughts.  Do you feel relaxed or tense? Do you want to shout with joy or shout with anger? Whichever kind of feeling you have it is providing you with the alert antenna as to the way you are thinking about whatever, or whoever it is in that moment.  You then have the freedom to have more unhelpful thoughts about the event or person, or just drop them.  When you choose the latter that creates the opportunity for fresh thinking and new insights.
“I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.” â€• Mahatma Gandhi

Here is some inspiration for 2014
Motivating Your Mind - Inspiring Your Spirit E-book 2014 -a collection of articles and stories by international speakers, trainers, coaches and authors including a couple by me on Pages 19 & 20

Have a great time throwing out the old to make room for the new! You may be surprised with the energy and creativity that occurs.


Gilly Chater



Gilly helps people achieve insight powered breakthroughs for themselves and their businesses. She is an inspirational speaker who presents keynotes and breakouts at conferences and writes about the key ingredients for success in today’s world.

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