What to Do Once You Are Done with Your Self Storage Facility


If you want to store your excess, unneeded belongings in a self-storage facility, there are a number of things that you should take into consideration. You may have thought that not much thought goes into finding a storage facility, but you have to not only choose the right one, but pack it right as well.

Finding Storage Facilities

The storage industry is huge in this country and growing exponentially. This means that you have plenty of opportunities to compare the market and find the best possible steel storage containers for your needs. Take your time to review the important things such as size, material, security, price, terms and conditions, and more. Make sure you ask your friends and family for advice, as they may have experiences with the storage industry.

How to Pack Your Unit

Firstly, consider your packaging material. Make sure that it is easy to stack and that you can clearly see what is in each box. Label them if needed, or opt for clear plastic boxes, which are also much more durable. The heaviest boxes should be at the bottom at all times.

Second, make sure that you can walk around your belongings. There is no point placing row upon row of stuff on top of each other if you end up not being able to reach the box at the back, which is likely to be the exact one you need.

Do make sure, as well, that you fill your boxes to the top, particularly if they are cardboard. If you don’t, they will start to crumble, making your stacks unstable. Stability is vital, as you don’t want to be buried under an avalanche of your own staff.

Last but not least, make sure everything you put in your unit is clean and dry. This will prevent pest, moisture damage, and mold growth.

Keeping it Safe

While you use your unit, you want to make sure that your belongings are safe. When you compare storage units, you should always look into the security that is offered. Some of the things to look into include:

  • How are the individual units locked? Key cards, provided padlocks, or do you have to bring your own system?
  • Who can access your unit?
  • What is access to the facility like? Do you need to make an appointment or can you shop up as and when you want 24/7?
  • Does the facility have CCTV?
  • Does the facility have physical security?

Ending Your Rental

Once you no longer need your storage unit, you have to know what to do as well. Your contract will have mentioned the amount of notice you have to give, although this is usually only a short period of time. Make sure you uphold your end of the bargain. If you kept your belongings neatly packed as described above, moving them out should literally be as easy as sliding them into a truck. Do make sure, as well, that you leave a review of the facility for anyone else who’s thinking of renting a unit.


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