Ways to Improve Workplace Productivity


Today, business owners have a real motivation when it comes to keeping their employees happy and content. Jobs are now much more transient than ever before, meaning that the possibility of your workforce quitting and going to find other jobs at better and more progressive organizations is very real. Keeping your employees happy is absolutely essential when it comes to things such as maximizing your profits, keeping your customers happy, and keeping costs to an absolute minimum. Thankfully, it doesn’t take as much as you might believe to make sure that your employees are satisfied and happy when they come into work and throughout their working day. In turn, your more satisfied workforce will reward you with a greater level of productivity. We’ve put together some of the easiest and most effective methods for increasing satisfaction and productivity in your workforce.

Reward and Recognition

Whether they are willing to admit it or not, most employees are simply wanting somebody to let them know that their work is recognized and appreciated. Just a simple ‘thank you’ given verbally or via email to each of your employees can definitely motivate them and ensure that they know that they are not underappreciated at work. A pat on the back or small token of recognition can definitely go a huge way when it comes to motivating your employees and encouraging them to work more productively. When it comes to implementing employee rewards and recognition, supervisory and management staff should be held to a high standard.

Better Communications

In a workplace environment, it’s always easier to get things done if collaboration and teamwork is easily accessible. A Unified Communications systemlike this one can definitely be a good infrastructure type to implement in your business if you are hoping to improve productivity amongst your workforce. A communication system which allows your employees to work more effectively as they can save time when it comes to swapping data can play an important part when it comes to getting more things done. Along with this, improved communications in the workplace can also help to positively impact teamwork and even workplace friendships, leading to employees who are more satisfied and more productive.

Encourage Relaxation

Studies have shown that employees who take regular breaks for a spell of relaxation are more likely to be happy and successful in their jobs. Allowing your employees to take regular short breaks throughout the day is an excellent way to not only break up their working day into smaller chunks of time, but help them to feel more motivated and engaged at work. Along with this, workers who are physically fit and active also tend to be more satisfied and have a more positive attitude towards their workplaces. Offering your employees the option to stay healthy and exercise at work, for example by providing them with a gym membership or even simply encouraging light exercise and stretching as part of the working day can work well.


One of the main things which the majority of employees are looking for in an employer is somebody who will listen to their concerns in the workplace. Listening to your employees and taking on board what they have to say is key to encouraging optimum levels of employee satisfaction. You can make sure that your employees’ opinions are heard and valued by making use of employee surveys, for example, or simply by ensuring that there is an open line of communication at all times between employees and managers.


Ongoing opportunities for training and development are one of the most sought-after benefits by employees. If your company does not offer its employees the option to undergo training programs and develop their skills and expertise, the risk of your losing them to a company which will offer them this advantage is very high. Offering your employees the opportunity to progress, learn, be promoted and earn a higher salary is one of the best ways in which to encourage your employees to be motivated and work more productively. The best way to do this is to offer paid employee progression and training programs which all employees have the option to attend.

When it comes to keeping your business running smoothly, making sure that your customers are happy and your profits are high, employee productivity is an important issue. However, making sure that your employees are productive means that you must put in a lot of effort to ensure that they are satisfied and motivated in the workplace.


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