Using Communication To Motivate


If your business doesn't practice effective staff communication, then it's always at risk of losing profits, diminishing employee morale and experiencing poor performance.

In every business, effective communication starts with the top management and filters down to the employees.  Smart communication will encourage a positive response from your staff, inspiring an increased working pace and workload, a capacity to overcome obstacles and finally the achievement of common goals.

Nowadays many practical approaches to smooth the process of staff communication are available and can be found and implemented easily.  Vague communication, in contrast, can have significant effects such as misunderstandings, incomplete information, limitations on staff performance and even loss in profits leading to a questionable future for your business. 

Having effective staff management would mean both parties’ are able to freely express their ideas, concepts, or needs, encouraging the staff’s ability to get work done using their utmost skills.  This is one of the benefits in the workplace when smart communication is inherently practiced.

Smart communication processes are most effective when all levels of the business, including administrative management, adopt and exhibit them.  Each employer that manages staff must be aware at all times about smart communication; otherwise, it is the business as a whole that will suffer.  It may be hard to accept, but it is taking place everywhere, even in your business!

You’ll find that if a manager expresses their future goals with clarity in a friendly, respectful and professional style, the employees will treat that manager in a similar manner.  What you give out you get in return, treat others as you wish to be treated, using smart communication attracts smart communication in return.  It is very simple but so very effective. 

Get your staff to work effectively as a team through the proper channeling of communication. The wrong way to approach your employees is to impart demanding and vague orders; this will breed inefficiency, grudges and bitterness amongst your team. It’s just as easy to provide detailed information with a positive approach, plus you’ll see your team working with a spirit and enthusiasm which infects all members of staff.

Bosses Take Note: It is imperative to have effective two-way communication inside your business in order to accomplish your objectives.  Employees are not meant to remain quiet, keep their mouths shut and only listen; they must be motivated to raise questions and talk about their ideas with their managers.  No manager knows everything, work is about collaboration.  Employers will be surprised to know that your staff have many great ideas, better than yours at times and when united together, these ideas will achieve outstanding results.


Sigrid de Kaste


Sigrid de Kaste is a Consultant and Mentor who owns her own business - Stickybeak Marketing - which provides personal, practical, hands on Business Development and Marketing services.

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