Using HR to Keep Confidence High


Any organization large enough to have an HR department should be thankful that there is a team of professionals on hand to be there for anyone within the company who needs a bit of extra encouragement from time to time. The thing is, there may be times when an issue outside the job is interfering with an employee’s performance. Over time that employee has proven to be valuable so it is in the best interest of the employer to step in to help if possible and this is where HR can work to keep confidence high. Again, it may be nothing directly related to the job that is causing that particular employee to fall behind but something outside in his home life, on his own time. More employers should look at ways to develop a support system for their staff on more than one level.

Bettering the Community

Today’s employer knows that consumers are looking at how companies impact the community. Those that go green are held in high esteem as are those who commit substantial amounts of money to charities. Not only can a sort of counselling service for employees help to improve their job performance but it can also be a major factor in bettering the community. By helping to reduce socio-economic problems in a person’s life they become more functional on the outside as well as on the job.

Problems HR Can Help Resolve

There are times when a valued employee is involved in a not-at-fault automobile accident that results in injuries keeping him or her from the job for an extended period of time. HR may be able to reassure that employee that there will always be a job waiting for them. It may also be that HR could help find an attorney to help that employee fight for monetary compensation for time lost. If the accident took place in New York, for example, the HR rep could help find a reputable and successful Long Island personal injury law firm to represent that employee in court. It’s not a required service of your Human Resources department but it is an asset to offer this service to your employees. Not only does it build confidence within your company that you are there for your workers but it also promotes goodwill in the community.

Promoting Continuing Education

Another main function that HR can utilize to instill confidence in your employees is to promote continuing education. Whether or not that particular field of study is pertinent to the job they are doing, having a degree or certificate in hand does so much for a person’s self-esteem. With HR on hand to offer advice on ways to get that education while maintaining a full-time job, it is easier for an individual to succeed. There is nothing quite as inspiring as having someone believe in you, in your capabilities. HR can do so much to foster a sense of accomplishment by helping your staff better themselves on a personal as well as a professional level.

To have the benefit of a Human Resources team and not utilize them on a number of levels is truly a waste of resources. If you want to grow your company, foster goodwill among employees and the community and increase your own bottom line, put HR on the job. It’s a win-win situation all the way around.


Laura Tolentino is passionate about blogging. She writes for several blogs online. She is a manager for Smiths.

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