Two Smart Things to do if You Want More Introductions and Referrals


Did you know that one of the best ways to get more referrals, recommendations and introductions is to give them?

Trouble is, we have enough problems thinking of our own business and personal brand instead of having to hold everyone else's in our heads. Two good solutions here to begin giving more good leads and intros to people (to hopefully get more back!)...

Pick your 'inner circle'. Whether it's your personal board of advisors, 'A' list clients or top connectors, you should put together a handful of people, influencers or introducers that you want to work more closely. You can't be doing this for everyone - you'll explode!
Find out their targets. Ask them this question or any variation of: "How would I know if someone I come across would be a good introduction for you?"
You can't connect them to people or opportunities if you don't know what they're looking for. And if they themselves don't know what they're looking for, then you're helping them by focusing their thinking on who they want to meet.

Next week I'll share with you a great follow up question to this that will give you even more opportunities to refer and intro others, and in turn get the same back.

Happy networking,

Rob Brown


Guest Writer on Business and Success

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