Two Simple Marketing Strategies to Make 2015 a Very Good Year...

by Guest Expert

In my first message for 2015 I thought I'd share two simple marketing strategies that you can use to make 2015 a very good year for your business.

Here they are...

Strategy 1:

Choose and dominate a niche with your marketing...

Many years ago I met an insurance sales professional who was a multi millionaire.

I asked him how he became so successful and he explained that it all started when he began focussing on a very specific type of insurance client. 

He told me that he only became amazingly successful when he made the decision that he was only going to sell insurance products to people who were aged in their forties. 

He went to explain that people in their forties were often thinking about creating a nest egg for retirement. They also usually had a home and a reasonably good income and lifestyle. 

Because they had a good lifestyle (and were thinking about maintaining this lifestyle after they stopped working) they were very good prospects for his insurance products. 

As they were in their forties, these clients still had around 15 years or more to create their nest egg. This meant the insurance products he sold that had an investment element could potentially work very well for them in this time period. 

Best of all, because most of his clients were aged in their forties, they were able to refer my client to many of their friends and work mates. 

And many of these people were often aged in their forties. (Because most people know people who are similar to themselves in some way or another.) 

Choosing who you will sell to can be as simple as asking yourself the following question: 

“Who are my best customers and what do they have in common”? 


A large franchise company began looking at the characteristics of their most successful franchisees, and discovered (to their surprise), that a large number of them had short haircuts.  

Now that was pretty unusual; so they decided to dig a little bit deeper. 

Further research revealed that the majority of these franchises (with short haircuts) came from an armed services background like the air force or army. The reason these franchisees were so successful was because they were used to following orders from their armed services background.  

So they tended to do everything they were told to do in their franchise manual and got excellent results when they did this.  

The franchise company began to focus a lot more effort on getting people from the armed services into their franchise business and their sales went through the roof.

Both these businesses did very well by focussing on a niche.

The insurance sales person focussed on the niche of people aged in their forties.

The franchise company focussed on selling to people from the armed forces. 

I highly recommend you look at focussing on a niche for your own business as well. 

The good news about focussing on a niche is that you don't have to stop what you are doing right now. 

Just choose a new group of potential clients that you could add great value to. 

Then put into action marketing strategies that position you as an expert in looking after people in that particular niche.

Action Step: 

Is there a particular niche that it could be useful for you to focus on in 2015? 

How can you position yourself as an expert in helping people in this niche?

Strategy 2:

Get regular referrals from local businesses by adding regularvalue

This is a seldom used marketing strategy yet well worth using for many businesses.  

The basic idea is simple.

Step 1:

Identify 50 local businesses who could potentially refer new clients and customers to your business on an ongoing basis.


Let's say you are a plumber. 

Other tradespeople like builders, electricians, painters etc could find it very easy to refer some of their own customers to your plumbing business.


Let's say you are a chiropractor. 

Other health specialists like massage therapists, accupuncturists, naturopaths, personal trainers etc. could find it very easy to refer some of their own clients to your chiropractic practice.

Example: Let's say you are a real estate sales professional.

Local businesses like painters, house cleaning firms, lawyers, accountants and many others could find it very easy to refer some of their own clients to your real estate business.

Step 2:

Send something hard copy in the post every month that adds value to these 50 local businesses that you have identified.

Include a short letter that mentions briefly what you do and invite the business to give you a referral. 


Let's say you are a chiropractor. You send a short letter to 50 local health professionals like massage therapists, naturopaths, personal trainers, accupuncturists, naturopaths etc. 

The letter says something like this...


Hi John

I run a local chiropractic practice called XYZ Chiropractic.

We haven't personally met however I am a big fan of reaching out to local businesses and adding value whenever I can.

So I thought you might find this helpful...

It's a short article I read recently on some innovative marketing strategies used by a natural health practioner.

He used A,B, and C to quickly grow the number of clients he had. 

I found his ideas useful and hope you do to. (With my compliments.)

Kind regards

Charlie Chiropractor

PS: If you have any patients or clients who might be open to looking at some relaxing strategies to fix neck or back pain I'd be delighted to chat with them. Here is some recent feedback from one of my clients.

(Put in short testimonial from delighted client.)


Step 3: 

Continue to send something helpful in hard copy format every single month to these 50 local businesses.

I recommend you send things like helpful marketing or business improvement ideas. Along with helpful ideas on personal success and motivation.

Both of these things will add real value to local businesses.

Mention what you do and invite them to give you a referral each time you make contact. (Do this in a low key, friendly way.)

By doing this every month you quickly turn yourself from being a total stranger into a helpful person that provides them with real value to their business each month. 

Within 3-6 months you'll find that many of these local businesses will be happy to start giving you referrals because of the regular added value you have provided for them.

And it all this took you to do was a little bit of time and effort each month.

Action Step: 

Identify 50 local businesses who could give you regular referrals. 

Contact each business every month with something that adds value.

And invite them to give you a referral each time you make contact.


Both these marketing strategie are relatively simple to do.

And could have a remarkable impact on your sales and marketing results this year.

I invite you to test both these strategies in your own business.


Kind regards
Graham McGregor

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