Turning Your Back on Help?


Picking up on the theme from my post last week, I think I’ll start with another little story. In this one, another spiritual person was facing something of a challenge – his region was suffering terrible storms, and the flood-waters were rising all around his home, threatening everything he had. The emergency services came knocking on his door with a fire-truck, offering to take him to a place of safety, but he refused, saying “I am a good man, my God will look after me!” (ever noticed how the stubborn foolish people in these stories are always men? Nothing to do with Ego, I’m sure!)

Hours passed, and the waters continued to rise.  The whole street became flooded, with the water approaching first floor level, back came the emergency services, this time in a rubber dinghy.  They encouraged our ‘hero’ to climb aboard, and they would ferry him to dry ground where he would be safe.  And again he refused, still saying “I am a good man, I know my God will look after me!”

More hours passed, and by now the only part of our man’s house that was above water was his roof.  Perched on top of the roof, clinging to the chimney for support, he watched as the rescue helicopter flew over the flooded town, and then it diverted sharply towards him.  He had been spotted, and they came to rescue him from his rain-driven perch.  And once again, the good man told his would-be rescuers “My God will not allow anything to happen to me, he will save me!”

So they flew off and left him.  Eventually, battered by the wind and the rain, and exhausted from clinging to the roof, he lost his grip and slid into the churning water.  And as he was, as he repeatedly said, a good man, he shortly turned up at St Peter’s Gate, and was ushered into the Divine Presence.  And, it has to be said, he was rather indignant: “Why did you forsake me?” he demanded, “Have I not been good enough for you?”

And the Bearded One answered with a big sigh: “Well, I sent you a fire-truck, a rescue dinghy and a helicopter!”

It’s all so tempting, isn’t it, to believe we know exactly how the Universe is going to support us.  And – here’s the lesson here – to become blind to all the other opportunities that are placed in our way, all the other ways that we can be supported to deliver our gift to the world.  In the last blog I talked about Resistance, and how procrastination is one of the ways it rears its head to prevent us being our highest selves.  Well, head-down fixation with taking action along just one predetermined path is another way it can get us.

When we insist that our Plan – that we have worked so hard on perfecting, into which we have sunk so much time, money, effort and resources, that has become so much associated with success for us that it almost *is* us – when we insist that our Plan is the one way we can get to where we want to be, that’s when we can miss other ways we could be getting there with so much more ease and flow and joyfulness.

So my question for you this week is: where are you clinging so tightly to the chimney-stack of your clever designs that you are missing out on the Universe’s natural grand plan for you?


Andrew Horder


Guest Writer on Business and Success

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