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I saw some fascinating research the other day that shows the effectiveness of training alone versus training with ongoing coaching and implementation support.

The research by US firm Olivero, Bane and Kopelman  shows that you can expect up to a 22% increase in performance with training alone. 

Pretty good right ? you can go somewhere and get trained in a day or in three days or what ever and you can expect (on average) a 22% shift in your results.


but here's the thing... 

On the other hand, the same research revealed that if you combine training with ongoing coaching and support, you can expect a whopping 88% increase in your results. 

And It certainly stands to reason… 

I mean, taking some thing that is “learned” intellectually and applying it practically is for many people a pretty rocky bridge to walk over. 

Many people try something new and then revert back to what they were doing at the first sign that it doesn’t seem to “work as prescribed”


Because it takes time, effort and patience to change a habit right ? 

Typically, the ones that make it through are the ones who have a coach standing by to ask


"Ok Tell me what happened"


“ok you did that part right but can you think of something you forgot to do ? ok try that part again, only this time do that and this” 

I worked this out very quickly in this amazing business... 

That the clients who were getting the biggest shifts were the ones where we were visiting with regularly and on an on - going basis to...

  • Answer their questions
  • Ask them questions
  • and getting them to drill certain client scenarios where they were stuck

and most importantly to celebrate their progress and successes !!


John Blake


John Blake has been in direct sales for the past 22 years. Over this time John has been a highly successful sales person, sales manager and business owner.

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