Top 5 Websites Offering Free Essential Small Business Calculators Online

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Running a small business is a challenge by any measure. Busy owners and entrepreneurs are constantly on the alert for anything that can enhance efficiency and save precious time.

To that end, here are 5 of the top websites offering free online tools that have the potential to accomplish both objectives: saving time and enhancing efficiency.



This site, while not devoted to tools, has an excellent selection of free tools and most are available for embedding in your website at no cost. The small business owner will have a special appreciation for the tools available here because they are heavily weighted toward the needs of small business. Here is the list of available calculators:


The DuPont analysis – return on equity calculator is difficult to find. This one makes short work of determining a very important ratio. Additionally, this is the only site that can give you a calculator to determine the impact of factoring on your business.


Don’t be fooled. These calculators are free. The landing page may be a bit confusing on that point, but a careful read explains that you can buy the rights to embed one or more of these calculators on your website. Actually using them is entirely free of charge.


Available calculators include:


  • Loan Calculators

          o   Includes a loan calculator and a loan application calculator


  • Mortgage Calculators

           o   Includes calculators for comparing mortgage offers, determining the cost

                benefit of adding a basement suite, a comparison calculator for the suite,

                as well as a home equity calculator


  • Investment Property Calculators

           o   Features an income property calculator


  • Tax Calculators

           o   Calculate federal tax obligations with the USA or Canadian version


  • Investing Calculators

           o   Boasts Retirement Income, RRSP and 401k calculators


  • Capital Budgeting Calculators

           o   Use these to calculate cash flow, net present value, internal rates of

                return, equivalent annual annuity profitability, profitability indexes,

                break-even points, quick capital budgeting and, USA and Canadian

                capital budgeting


  • Business Formula Calculators

          o   This group of calculators will provide total inventory costs, economic

               order quantities, costs for missing a discount opportunity and extended



  • Valuation Calculators

          o   These include calculators for yield to maturity, capital asset pricing and

               dividend yield


  • Weighted Average Cost of Capital Calculators

          o   Also in this category—cost of debt, cost of preferred shares, cost of common

               shares cost of retained earnings and cost of new funds calculators


  • Financial Statement Calculators

          o   Find financial ratio analysis, common size statement, trend and growth rate



3.) Calculator

While this is not as sophisticated a website as the previous two, it does have a fair selection of businessoriented calculators that are not featured in the above sites’ repertoire. These include:

  • Profit calculator
  • Balance sheet calculator
  • Profit and loss calculator
  • Depreciation calculator
  • Profit and loss calculator
  • Business value calculator
  • Marketing calculator
  • Salary package value calculator
  • Car benefit calculator

There are also a variety of personal finance calculators, many of which have business applications.



The calculators found here are very intuitive and include easy-to-follow instructions. However the selection is limited and there are many overlaps with sites previously discussed here. The list of available calculators follows:

All in all, this is a decent site but has nothing special in the way of offerings.



Much like, this site offers a paucity of business calculators and those they do offer are replicated on multiple sites, the exception being the Lease vs. buy calculator. Here is the list of its offerings:

  • Working Capital Calculation
  • Business Ratios
  • Lease vs. Buy for Equipment
  • Commercial Loan Calculator
  • Cash Flow Calculator
  • Break-even Analysis

All these sites are useful and which ones you use will be governed by personal preference and, of course, need. Among these top 5, you are almost certain to find what you require in any given situation.  


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