Tips to Help You Engage with Customers at an Exhibit


In addition to focusing on how you'll attract as many people as possible to your booth during a trade show, you also need to figure out how you'll engage with them and encourage them to opt for more information or make a purchase.

With the tips below, you can start engaging with customers more easily and achieve better results at your next business exhibition.

First, Improve the Appeal of Your Exhibition Stand

Before you can really think about how you'll engage with your customers at an exhibit, you need to consider how you can increase the appeal of your booth so you can actually attract them in the first place. A few things you can do include:

  • When designing your booth, hire professionals in exhibition stand design so that you can have a stand that really represents your brand and what your company is all about.
  • Add some lighting that you can direct onto points of interest in your booth to draw attention there.
  • Have confident, friendly, outgoing staff members working at your stand, but also be sure they have a complete understanding of all of the products and services that you're promoting.
  • Create a uniform vibe for every element of your branding, from your literature to your signage, and make sure your presentation is clean and neat in order to set an original, organised feel throughout your booth.

Use Technology to Your Advantage

Once visitors have come over to check out your booth, it's time to engage with them. Use technology to your advantage to keep their attention and to promote your products and services effectively even if you're unable to interact directly with them.

You can do so by having a short informative and engaging video playing, as well as by having other gadgets, such as tablets, out for visitors to use. Allow attendees to submit their email addresses, complete surveys, and more so that you can learn more about your target audience and reach out to them at a later time with a sales pitch. People are actually a lot more likely to be willing to leave their contact information on a tablet rather than on a paper form, and the right apps can make it easy to collect and organise this data for your mailing list too.

Connect with the Right Dialogue

When people walk up to your booth, avoid saying things like, "How can I help you?" Instead, stick with saying something along the lines of, "Welcome, my name is [your name] and today we're giving out information about our latest product, the [product name]."

Try to engage them in a dialogue by asking about their needs and discussing how your company can provide solutions. Then give them some of your literature, samples, etc. to show them first hand how valuable your offerings are.

Once you engage with enough customers at a trade show, you'll find the true value of having a booth at these events, and you might even see your sales increase.

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